Esteem Magazine #esteemlaunch

A new local magazine, Esteem, was launched last week and is now being delivered around Yorkshire. I was lucky enough to be at the launch for the mag, and am excited about what’s to come. 

The launch was in a lovely local pub in Horsforth, Bar 166, and there was a party with the owner, local businesses, and bloggers in order to celebrate! There was also a fab 1920s live band adding to the party atmosphere. 

After drinks and listening to music, an announcement was made. The magazine has had £100,000 plus local support put into it, and the finished result was a brilliant lifestyle magazine!

The cover has an etched black design with iridescent writing which makes rainbows in the light! It’s something that could be a poster, let alone a local mag! 

 It’s no secret that I love magazines, but some local ones I’ve come across in the past can be a bit boring, or full of ads. Not this one! It’s a perfect balance of lifestyle articles, travel ideas, local business and news, and much more! I actually say and read it for ages and it looks so good On the coffee table too.

If you have a local business, I’d suggest getting in touch because I have a feeling this one is going to be big! 

Have you read any of your local magazines? What would you like to see more of in them? 

Tina x