BonPrix Cocktail Party at Malmaison Leeds #bonprixOnTheRocks

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to a bonprix cocktail party at Malmaison Leeds.

Not only were a few lucky bloggers invited to the event, but we also got a choice of dress for the evening! I don’t often shop for party dresses, so it was nice to change it up a bit. I’ve had an idea of the perfect dress for a while now (okay, about 5 years) and could never find it. I love mesh sleeves and wanted something other than my usual LBD. When I found a navy lace bodycon with long mesh sleeves on the bonprix website, I knew it was the one!

Unfortunately, I missed the outfit photo time, look dreadful in all pictures, and don’t have a fab photographer at home! I will take a picture soon though! 


The size ranges from 6-20 and is really flattering. It’s now in the sale too at only £34.99!

The dresses are not ones I’d usually look for, but everyone looked amazing on the night, and I’m definitely going to be going back to the website. This will be my go-to party dress over the season so any local bloggers reading this, you will probably see it at every event!

Walking into an event is always a little nerve-wracking. I’m totally of the ‘fake it til you almost make it’ mindset. I was greeted by the lovely Jennie and got to have a great catch up with her on the night. I also met some amazing bloggers and see some faces from past events. I honestly think Search Laboratory (the marketing agency) picked out the best of the best because everyone there was absolutely lovely. I felt so lucky to be invited to an event with such fab people, all with brilliant blogs. Am I part of the club now?!

I’ve never been to Malmaison, but the place was stunning. I don’t use that word often, but it really was a beautiful hotel.

We were greeted with Prosecco, and had wine and canapés throughout the night. Always a good move!


After having a chance to chat and meet people, we had a go at making some great ‘frocktails’ with a cocktail masterclass. It was great fun, and everyone got involved. The ingredients for the cocktails are on the bonprix blog post about the event.

ice cocktails alcohol spirits cocktails gin mojito cocktail

I had a lovely evening with the best people and carried on the night afterwards – probably not the best move, but so much fun!

We not only got a fab evening, gorgeous dress and drinks, but went away with a lovely goody bag too! And I managed to carry it carefully all night! Go me! Look how cute the glass is!

Half dead flowers are all mine! I was sure they were more perky! 

Special thanks to Search Laboratory for the invite! The event was perfect and I had a great time!

Have you found your perfect party dress yet? What’s you next special occasion?