Amazon Prime: is it worth paying for?

After a conversation last night, I realised that not everyone knows much about Amazon Prime. I’m sure you’ve all had the emails from amazon telling you to sign up, but I wanted to tell you why I eventually did.

Every year, Amazon does some crazy good deals on Christmas presents, gadgets, etc. for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weeks leading up to them. The beauty of Amazon Prime is you get early access on some of these deals. This used to frustrate me before I got Prime and a couple of years ago I decided to sign up for the 30-day free trial.

I didn’t have much money at the time of the trial ending, but forgot to cancel the subscription! What’s great is that Amazon actually refunded me the money, said it’s fine as I hadn’t used the service. Amazing service! As soon as I had money I signed up for it.

What is Amazon Prime?

For an annual fee of £79, Amazon Prime members can:

  • Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items
  • Enjoy unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Borrow from thousands of titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Secure, unlimited photo storage with anywhere access


I was motivated to write this post after my conversation last night, then saw it’s only £59 for the year until Friday this week! When you consider that monthly, it’s just under £5 – which you would likely spend on delivery anyway on average through the year.

Reasons I like it:

The next day delivery is a godsend! If you forget to buy a gift, or need a new outfit last minute, it’s so easy. I actually feel a bit spoilt now because if I have to wait a few days for a delivery, it’s frustrating! I usually just try to find whatever I want on Amazon.

If you don’t desperately need the next day delivery, you get a bonus (about £2) for not using it that can go towards other items and it quickly adds up.

TV and films! Basically doubling my binge watch options and has different stuff to Netflix and other similar websites/apps.

Sneaking in before others on deals. Considering Amazon sells anything from beauty products to gadgets to stationery and everything else ever at already low prices, it’s great to get a bargain and have a browse of deals for things I didn’t know I needed.

I think the last order time is quite late, I’ve definitely ordered around 2pm etc and had a delivery the next day – it tells you when ordering.

Weirdly, I haven’t used the music yet, but am definitely going to. I kind of forgot it was a benefit to having a Prime membership, but it’s free, no ads, perfect!

Something else that I haven’t tried yet, but is available in my area is same day delivery – how mental is that?! And they sell milk! We are a lazy nation, but I’m not sure if that’s too far? Either way, I want to test it out.

Dates to remember:

These are the days that offers are on from now until December – pretty much constant deals for the next few weeks!



If you’re still not sure I would definitely recommend the free trial, and you can do all your Christmas shopping before cancelling!

My account is due for renewal and I’m definitely keeping it.

I hope this post has been useful. If you have any questions, ask me here or on Twitter @teaisfortina.


This post contains affiliate links, but to have them, I still have to pay full price for Prime so this that is proof of how good I think it is.