Monthly Cuppa & Catch Up – October 2016

Of course I couldn’t possibly keep a series going on the correct days. So yes, here is my October catch up on 11th November! I have my reasons. I’ve been ill, busy, had some dramatic life things going on, but either way, I really need to get better at planning!

This has been my busiest month this year so far, work-wise, socially and with the blog.


October started off with the Bloggers Blog Awards on the 1st! It was such a lovely day, where I met some fab new bloggers and saw some I’ve met before. It was great to catch up with people offline! Such a good way to start the month.

I was invited to two fab restaurants to try the new menu, Chaophraya and Banyan. Click the links for full reviews. I have more coming up in November so foodie posts are coming!

As well as meals out, I also had a couple of other blog events this month. The first was an evening with Body Shop, probably my favourite ever event, being the mega fan that I am. You can read more about it here, but there were great people, new ranges, and an amaaaazing goody bag!

An event that I took my friend to was an Emmerdale Studio Tour. I’m not really a fan of Emmerdale, but I do love film and television and how they are made. I did screenwriting for my Masters at uni and film for my degree so it’s all really interesting to me. However, even if you’re not that interested in any of that, it was so good to see how they do special effects and get the shows and characters ready. I’ll be publishing a full post on it very soon!

I also started a new series on the blog called Sunday Samples, which is going to be a weekly post of all the samples I’ve used or new things I’ve tried through the week. You can see the first post here, and the next here.

samples 1

This sort of ties in with the blog stuff, but also with life in general. I did something super exciting and bought myself an Olympus Pen camera! That I haven’t even blogged about yet, but plan to very soon!

With regards to the blog in October, I was keeping up for a while, but got a bit ill towards the end of the month and had a few setbacks in life. Urgh, life! It put me off my game a bit, but I’m determined to be one of those amazing bloggers that is super organised. I’ve been saying this for so long!


This month, I’ve seen my friends a lot more and had some lovely, quality evenings with them.

One friend moved into a new place so we went round for cocktails – we made them in the most disastrous manner – and food.

One night I met Ryan and our friend in town and we decided to go for dinner, so the three of us went all out to a nice restaurant, Bar & Grill, Leeds and onto Angelica, Leeds for cocktails. It was such a lovely evening, I love when you don’t plan things like that. It was all ridiculously good! I will be going to Angelica for food very soon, so will let you know how it goes.

This month I was kind of excited about Halloween, but I’m not sure why! Turns out that’s when I was ill so I didn’t really do anything anyway, but tried to embrace it a bit at home.

halloween night in
I’ve started reading again, which I think I always do in the colder months and I forgot how much I enjoy sitting curled up with a book. Despite my post on the Hygge hype, I bought the book and snuggled up with it anyway, which ironically is very Hyggelig!  If you have any suggestions for a lazy reader, because I certainly am one, please let me know.

hygge book

Alongside full-time work, some side projects, and actually blogging, October was insanely busy for me.
I don’t see things slowing down anytime soon either.

How was your October? Or, perhaps, more timely, what do you have coming up this month?