Hear Me Out – Presidential Election.

This is going to be a difficult one to post. I have often blogged unpopular opinions, but I know that this one is a massive deal to people. Which is why I’m pleading with you to stick with me and hear me out. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t shut down what I’m about to say before reading this post. Just hear me out.

I do not like Donald Trump (obvious, right?). I also do not like Hillary Clinton. I think of the 318 million people in the US, a better candidate could have been chosen (ahem, Bernie!). After the whole non-voting Brexit dilemma that I wrote about at the time, I wanted to be more informed from now on, despite being unable to vote from the UK.

However, the thing that has bothered me most about this election is that, like others before it, people seem incapable of having a discussion without either getting personal, getting offended, judging people’s morals as a whole because of who they’d vote for, or just ignoring anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

I tried to keep up with the debates, the news, reading away from the mainstream media, and honestly, I was struggling to find reasons to like either of them.

However, and thiiis is the bit where I ask you to hear me out, I was able to question the things I had heard about Trump. Some of the things.

Some things I agreed with him over – namely making pals with Russia.
I think ‘the wall’ is a divisive and disgusting tactic, but think it was dramatising a border that already exists. If Hillary got in, she wasn’t removing the border.
Again, I feel the need to say this, I’m not sticking up for the man! I just like to look at things from all perspectives. I do it with everything.
In fact, one person did mention the healthcare policies, and I’m not for it, but apparently it is part of an overhaul on the plan. It might be, it might not be. We don’t know what will happen yet. The fact is, as soon as I was told these things, I went and looked into them further.

In contrast, I hadn’t heard much about Hillary’s policies or why people supported/didn’t support her and wanted to learn more. When I asked people (in the most genuine way) on Facebook (when will I learn? Probably never) what I shoud like about Hillary, and asked people to point me towards some good things about her, nobody did. Instead, people once again told me all about Trump being a misogynist, racist and even a Nazi. From what I’ve seen of him, I can’t disagree with all of that. However, I still had no idea why Hillary was better.

I once again said that I was looking for why people would vote FOR a candidate, rather than just AGAINST another.

From the Clinton side, I have read of paedophilia, arms dealing, and that she said she fancies a fight with Russia (okay, maybe not said quite like that!). From the Trump side, I saw that he said some pretty awful things about women and a wall. Obviously I would be totally against this classless man having any power. But on the other side, there is someone who is okay with yet another war, is still in a partnership with a paedophile, and has dealt weapons on a huge scale – I was worried about her too.

Now I know that there has been a sensitive issue for some people regarding Trump. People have said they now feel unsafe because he spreads hate and encourages it. That he is the pinnacle of rape culture. That he’s homophobic. He’s certainly not innocent and his upcoming trials are a concern. I obviously do not like these traits and feel like I shouldn’t have to keep saying that.
But I think that when somebody asks you questions about him, or questions the way you’re thinking, by attacking them for not understanding or knowing everything ever, you yourself are spreading hate.

Here are a few things from my tiny amount of discussion on the subject:

1) My Facebook question was answered by only two people, despite there being an insane amount of comments.

2) Due to my further questioning on the Facebook post, some friends decided to stop talking. I didn’t disagree with them. I just asked why again. They gave no answer and left the conversation.

3) At my friends house, before the debate, she mentioned Trump. I started a sentence with ‘Well, actually…’ I didn’t get any further. I certainly wasn’t going to say ‘Well, actually, I love him.’ She was actually annoyed that I might possibly say something she didn’t agree with and asked me to go no further.

4) One of my close friends stopped speaking to me (for the day at least).

So in this time of pretty great concern (according to a LOT of people), I am left feeling a bit alone, and completely attacked by the very people who are concerned about the election, the people who claim we should be sticking together – for asking a simple question. Why would you vote FOR Hillary rather than AGAINST Trump? Because that’s how I want voting to work. In an ideal world. I want to be able to vote for the best and not against the worst.

I know the people I refer to above mean no harm. I know they’re not trying to completely invalidate the things I’m saying or asking. But they did.

These are just the people who responded. I hadn’t discussed the election before the results with anyone but my boyfriend, because it’s just not worth it. And THAT’S my issue! As I said with Brexit, we NEED to talk about politics more. We need to think critically, and be able to discuss the big things. We need to look at things from a different perspective. I want to have REAL conversations, ones that open my eyes. I WANT you to tell me I’m wrong about things and tell me why.

When you are not willing to have a discussion unless everyone agrees with you, you’re just fuelling your own thoughts, taking in nothing new and educating nobody.

We need to talk about the bigger issues. We need to have people challenge us. And no matter what, when times are hard, we need to stick together.

I hope this post is taken as it should be, just a way to express that despite the election, I have a bigger worry about our inability to discuss important issues. I added my concerns over both candidates to add some perspective as to what the conversations were.
This post is definitely a bit rambly, so thank you for sticking with me.

I feel I should once again state that I absolutely do not think either of them deserved that position.
If you do comment, please be respectful of other readers and commenters.

This post is very honest and a little bit worrying to post considering the backlash I’ve had so far. I often wonder whether I should publish these types of posts because I do not want them to affect my readers or my collaborations in a negative way, but each time I push myself to hit the button, because if I don’t, I’m a hypocrite. So here I am, talking about the big things.




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  • Great post. Thanks for your perspective from across the pond!

    • Tina

      Thanks for reading. Glad you liked the post!

  • Em

    Well put. I haven’t seen any media (admittedly not been looking too hard) about why we should for FOR rather than why we should vote AGAINST. I love a political conversation to broaden my views (self confessed clearly leaning in 1 direction) but after reading this I’m shamefully aware of how cross I get over discussion of a certain aspect (which I won’t start on here!) and have defo just gone off on one when that was discussed. How are we going to make well informed decisions if we can’t talk (like properly talk and actually discuss)??

    • Tina

      Sorry for such a late reply! Exactly. I’ve done it too, where you can’t let go of a certain point, but it doesn’t mean that just because you hear someone out you have to change your mind. I think it’s probably good to just be open to it, juuuust in case.

  • I completely agree with you Tina. I never saw your Facebook post but I wished I had so I could have commented and shared my thoughts too. For me personally, voting FOR Hillary was a no-brainer. She has decades of political knowledge and experience, especially when it comes to economics and foriegn affairs (the two biggies any country faces politically – one mistake can be catastrophic). I would have been a firm Bernie supporter but regardless of who the nominee was going to be, I would always vote Democrat because that’s where my political beliefs lie anyway. I think a lot of people forget that the candidates are merely the face of the country. The person any criticism is directed toward, not the House of Representatives who have a massive impact on what happens to the country. People vote for the party their personal beliefs align to, so although a lot of Republicans voted for Trump, they may not necessarily agree with his beliefs, but their own beliefs remain Republican so it was their only chance of having a Republican President. I wouldn’t not vote for Hillary because I would have preferred Bernie. I would vote Hillary because I want a Democrat President.
    I used to believe everything people said about HRC too – that she is a crook, criminal, defender of rapists. After doing my own digging around online, I found credible sources which denied those allegations and I do believe that HRC would be better after doing my own research.
    After seeing the voter turnout for this election though, I’m pretty ashamed of my fellow millenials who didn’t bother to vote when we have a history of voting blue. Votes do matter (even with the silly electoral college system) and for our future to be determined by the older generations because mine didn’t feel either candidate represented them is appalling. No candidate will ever be perfect but people should still align their beliefs with the most compatible party.

    I really liked this post. It’s nice to be able to have political discussions where it doesn’t resort to name calling and petty insults. The world needs better education on the political system too though, because a lot of people I’ve spoken to think it works with the click of fingers and boom, the world will change.

    • Tina

      I’m sorry that I didn’t respond earlier. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I agree that people seem to think this one person has charge of an entire country and that’s just not how it works. I’m still in two minds about how it could go, but I think it’s often worth having faith and trying to see the best in any situation.
      I’m glad you felt like you could have an open discussion here, that’s exactly how it should be!
      It is a shame that so many didn’t vote. I do understand why some people choose not to, but for it to be so many seems to either be because of a lack of interest, or lack of knowledge. I’d say it’s more likely the latter.

      The fact that you did your own research makes me respect what you say even more. I don’t think enough people do it and I’m always surprised by how much of what people say and think is just repeated from the news. etc. rather than looking into it.

      I definitely think political discussions should be more open and not taboo. From each comment on here I’m being made to think about the things that I have thought and said on the post and it’s great!

      Thanks for your comment.

  • This was a really well written post Tina, and I agree with some of your points. I certainly didn’t hear a lot about actual policies from Hillary; she was almost constantly on the attack against Trump. Of course the policies that he was vocal about were pretty bonkers. But you’re right, many people were voting Clinton because they didn’t want Trump in office. To them it was the lesser of two evils. I have friends in the US who say that the result isn’t necessarily the worst thing that could happen, because at least it will shake up the establishment and make them realise that traditional politics and assuming the “right” person will win isn’t the way of the world now. People are disgruntled on a global basis, and they’re using their vote to show that. Obviously (in my mind) voting in Trump just to prove a point about how pissed off you are is not the right answer…

    • Tina

      Sorry for such a late reply! Thank you! I completely agree that it’s not the way to go about voting, but it seems to be becoming the norm. I’m hoping we get told more about policies and less about their personal lives from now on, but it seems doubtful.

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