My Thoughts on Fashion & How My Style Has Changed #latenightbloggers Challenge

Every week, after the #latenightbloggers Twitter chat (9-10pm Wednesdays), I will be setting a chat challenge. It will be to create a blog post based on the chat questions. I thought it would be a great way for the people who join the chats to stay in touch and engage with each other throughout the week.

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This week’s chat was about fashion, trends, fashion in media and so on. I decided to use this as inspiration to talk about what fashion means to me.

 I have always had a passion for fashion (without sounding too much like a Bratz doll). When I was young, I would try and design clothes – the designs were brilliant, obviously! – by drawing or trying to create a new item out of an old one. I remember sitting with my Fashion Wheel thinking I was this brilliant creator and getting way too serious about what patterns and colours I would put together. I was determined that one day I would be a designer. This went on into my teenage years, where I would stay up until the early hours watching FTV (Fashion  TV channel) and couldn’t get enough of the endless catwalks the channel showed. I was mesmerised and always knew of up and coming designers and trends. Despite this love, I didn’t follow fashion in the way of dressing. I didn’t like the trends in high street shops and always wanted to be a little different, even though my clothes were mostly boring, because where do you find great clothes in small towns?!

I remember often sitting amongst a pile of clothes wondering how to revive them. I would tie up shirts, cut up t-shirts and wear huge t-shirts as dresses with a belt. I also turned a scarf into everything from halterneck top to boob tube to belt. I also always had crazy trainers that my friends and family didn’t like even a bit. I am convinced I can still pull off those kinds of shoes!

I went through a few phases, but mostly I was just a bit of a hippy, with actual flowers in my hair, lots of handmade jewellery and scarves hanging from my waist. That was my thing actually, a scarf or sarong on my waist, no matter what I was wearing.

belt1 belt2

Going to uni in Aberystywth, Wales was a great time style-wise. People accepted quirkiness and nobody really cared what you looked like, but when they did, it was mostly embracing the look.

I always like to pick out quirky items, but I find it so much harder to find them now. I don’t know if it’s because fashion is moving so fast that it’s less quirky and more seasonal trend or that I’m not looking in the right places. For an avid online shopper, I feel like it should be simple enough to find something unique, but everything looks so generic when I search. I know there are things out there as I see them on other people. Depop is definitely one place where I have found a few great pieces, but in general, I find it difficult to stand out at all. And I’m not even sure I want to anymore.

Since becoming a full time employee, I feel like I have less time to be creative and I suppose that slips into my style. I also find myself buying items that would be suitable for work more than for weekends. I think I’m being savvy and finding things that are versatile, but actually I might be spoiling my enjoyment and creativity when it comes to fashion.

It’s hard to become a functioning member of society when you’re dressing like ‘you’ve fallen into a pile of washing’ as someone once put it with regards to my outfits. Some people manage to incorporate their personal style into their work outfits, but I still struggle. I do have some pieces that are a bit different, but overall, I’m finding my look is becoming more generic and I’m not sure I like it. I’m also not sure if it’s because I’m less confident now and I’d rather hide away than stand out.

Living in a city, you think you will be much freer when it comes to style, but I actually feel more self concscious when it comes to what I’m wearing and find myself dressing more plainly.

I think over the next couple of months, I am going to have a style overhaul and make sure I’m only wearing things that make me feel good, rather than wearing them because turning up in pyjamas to the office is still not a thing. Why is this not a thing?!

On that note, I will leave you to take part in my new campaign – Pyjama Fridays! Who’s with me?!

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