NYX Cosmetics UK Launch

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen that I was recently invited to the NYX Cosmetics UK launch in Trinity Leeds. There wasn’t a launch party as such, but more an invite to check out the new counter in the Boots store, with a goody bag and drink too!

Armed with some bubbles, I had a browse of the collection. There were friendly staff, donning fun and colourful (and some really impressive!) makeup, ready to help.

I have never tried any NYX products before, but have heard a lot about them. I was trying to stay away from lip products as I have so many new ones, and just too many in general! But there were so many great shades and types!

I am usually quite boring with make up, and like natural looks. However, before having a job and becoming a grown up, I used to play around with colours a lot and this range made me want to be a bit more adventurous again.

This ombre blusher is a clear favourite from the looks of Instagram posts from the event!

I noticed the Glam Liner, and while I would usually avoid metallics as I worry about them being tacky, the gold liner was gorgeous. Of course, I had to have it! I also bought the Dewy Fixing Spray. My skin is quite dehydrated so never has that nice glowing, dewy look, so I’m hoping this will help a bit.

The goody bag

As well as the first look at the new counter and a glass of fizz, bloggers were also given an exclusive goody bag (or box) with some fantastic products! It was gift wrapped, which I found really cute, and full of Boots products, including some more NYX ones. And guess what? They were lip products! So even though I made myself go without, I was rewarded anyway!

nyx 2
nyx night carins
nyx nigth sweets

At the checkout, we were also given some Bubble Tea from Bubbleology in Trinity. It was nice that the other shops at Trinity Shopping Centre were geting involved either with free products or with discount vouchers for us. I spend a lot of time there, so I’m sure they’ll be useful!