ChattyFeet – Funky socks for funky people

I have been sent the coolest socks from ChattyFeet! ChattyFeet use popular icons to base their designs, giving them witty, pun names, such as Kate Middle-toe and Vincent Van Toe.

The socks I have are Stephen Toeking and Feet Mondrian. They were designed for ChattyFeet by illustrator Çiğdem “Chi” Michalski and her art style is so fun. The socks are great quality and would make brilliant gifts. They have the same design on the front and back, so your awesome socks are shown off from all angles.

Stephen Toeking

These socks would make a great gift for science lovers. I love the design and how recognisable they are. I also like that they’re bright and stand out. Because if you’re wearing great socks, you need to be able to show them off!

Socks Stephen Toeking

Stephen Toeking

Feet Mondrian

I love Piet Mondrian’s artwork as it reminds me of a project I did in school where we had to recreate it. I think this is a really clever design and would make a brilliant gift for arty friends.

socks feet modrian

Feet Mondrian

Socks from ChattyFeet are fun, while also being clever and sophisticated. They’re all unisex too, so can be bought for anyone! It’s definitely worth having a look at their website to see if they have some you like.

Which socks would you choose? Who would you like to see turned into a sock?


Disclaimer: I received these socks in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are my own.