Happy Halloweeeen! A Halloween night in.

I decided to celebrate Halloween with a Halloween night in – any excuse to celebrate something! I haven’t been feeling great, and didn’t have any plans to go out for it, so decided a Halloween night in was the way! I do have plans to go to a friend’s house today (actual Halloween) to watch some films so I am sure it will be much of the same.

I have a candle, Tuscany Candle Batty Boo Berry, which smells amazing! It actually smells like blackcurrant, or Vimto, and has a cute bat design. I also bought some Halloween style French Fancies (so yummy!) and had a pumpkin Lush bath bomb. The bath bomb smells so good. I wish I’d bought more, but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable using it after the day because I’m weird and too attached to themes.

I watched Hocus Pocus and Pretty Little Liars (which is basically a Halloween show!) and had a nice relaxing night.

halloween night in

What have you done for Halloween? Did you dress up this year?