How To Do Yoga At Your Desk #OfficeYoga

If you work all day in an office, you’ll know how much of a strain it can put on your body. Having the correct posture is important, but so is furniture. When I first started my job, I was using an old chair that was hanging around. I started bringing in a cushion for my lower back because it hurt, but thankfully, as soon as my boss noticed, he told me to choose and order a new chair. Since then, I’ve felt so much better, but I still haven’t found the perfect desk.

It can be really difficult to find office furniture that suits all needs, but Furniture at Work’s office desks are stylish and practical with so many options that all of your requirements can be met.

When I was contacted to try out Office Yoga at my desk as part of their campaign that was developed by their health experts, I had to give it a go.

I’ve been trying out the moves from the video and infographic this week, and found it really helpful, even if it does feel a little silly!

Knowing how to stretch and move to make me feel better has definitely been good this week and made me feel more comfortable when sitting for hours at the desk, so I’m going to keep doing a spot of office yoga. It’s not hard to set aside 5 minutes a day, but we’re all guilty of ignoring signs that our body needs some time out.

Check out the video and infographic (below) for tips and office yoga poses. Feel free to share the post with friends and colleagues if you think it’ll be useful for them too.

Will you be trying office yoga? Are you guilty of sitting still for too long at the desk?