20 Last Minute, Easy Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

You’ve just decided to go out for Halloween, but don’t have a costume? Here are some last minute, super easy costume ideas that will suit most fancy dress occasions – okay mostly Halloween, but why are we restricting ourselves?

Be prepared for some awful pictures, I have pulled them from old Facebook albums, and look a state, but you’ll get the gist. I do not in any way think these are good pictures of my costumes. I swear I looked kind of alright before going out!

All of these fancy dress ideas can be done with clothes and accessories you already own, and make up (which I am sure most people will be better at than I am) is a massive help!

1. Barbie – pink clothing, jewellery, heels.


Hippy Barbie? IDK. Last minute Barbie party!

2. Modern Witch – just wear your normal clothes, duh, you’re Sabrina!

3. Risky Business – long socks, big white button down shirt.

4. Crazy Cat Lady – dressing gown, bring your cat to the party.

5. Glam Rock Star – draw a zig zag on your face, crazy hairstyle, skinny jeans and top.


I’m clearly glam rock! My costume was actually good – where are the pics?

6. Vampire, obvs. – Black clothing, fake blood (makeup) err’where. Or go all Twilight and stick some glitter on yaself!



7. Witch – makeup all the way! You could even be a bin bag witch like the old days!

8. Pirate – blouse and tighter bottoms, waistcoat if you have one, random bits of material – I had a smirnoff promo thing hanging from me! Jewellery, lots, especially hoop earrings and a belt around waist rather than hips.

I love that this pose wasn’t on purpose! All credit goes to my friend making me laugh!

9. Tourist – don a pair of shorts with long socks, or socks and sandals, big tshirt – preferably with a place on it – and a camera round your neck.

10. Gangster – normal clothes, tear on cheek.

11. Laughing Emoji – too-yellow foundation, tear on both cheeks.

12. Cartoon Character – draw their face on tshirt, ignore own face.


Actually pretty proud of my drawing, people loved the costume- tucked in shirt for his collar. Label on new skirt!

13. Robot – look like you, but act like a robot – creepy, but possibly hard to pull off when drunk.

14. Sandy from Grease – tight black clothes, big hair.

15. Hippies – hippies everywhere!

16. Jay and Silent Bob – I actually thought of this for my friends who decided to go to a party last minute – big coat and hats etc – perfect!

17. Washing Machine – have a box about? Credit goes to Ryan for the idea – night before a charity fancy dress competition at work, we made him this spectacular costume. He won!

Cut a hole throught the middle of the box and step in, stick some random things to it – ta-da!

washing machine costume

18. Sugar Skull – create fancy designs on your face with makeup – YouTube videos will help.

19. Ghost – stick a sheet over your head and go old school. Or just go pale.

20. Zombie – old clothes, rip them a bit, rough yourself up, dead face makeup.


Okay so this post might not be too helpful and I got bored of listing ideas (might do a proper list next year as did this last minute too!), but my point is, get creative, use what you have, and get it done fast!

Good luck with your costumes, and let me know if the list does happen to inspire you!

Yours sincerely, the most last minute costume decider ever!

Any ideas to add to the list? Are you dressing up this Halloween?