7 Year Anniversary – Our story.

Saturday was my 7 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, Ryan. I hate the word anniversary, not sure why, just seems so cringe. We’re not married or anything, but what do you call it otherwise?

Ahem…I have been with my boyfriend Ryan for 7 years! 7 whole bloody years. That’s like, ages.

I thought to honour the day, I would give a bit of background on our relationship, because we’re all a bit nosy really aren’t we? I  realised a while ago that while he is a huge part of my life, I’ve never really told anyone who reads this blog much about us.

Not sure it’s all that exciting, but at least you know now – very important life details! 😀

How we met…

I was on my way back to Aberystwyth uni after the summer holidays and my housemate told me he had a friend staying until halls opened up 2 weeks later. I was instantly stunned when I met him, which never happens to me. He was gorgeous and funny with what I think (but nobody else does!) is a lovely accent.

A few of us in the house were really close, so we’d all spend a lot of time together just hanging out, talking, drinking, watching films, going to the beach – oh how I miss that life! Being together so much meant we got to know each other pretty fast and I loved how ambitious, creative, intelligent and funny he was. We had loads in common (obviously – intelligent, funny…), had lots of fun, and just worked.

Making it official…

We didn’t really make anything official straight away, but after over a month of basically being in a relationship, our friend, Lee, asked why we didn’t just call it that. The little nudge prompted Ryan to say (these exact words), ‘You can be my girlfriend if you want’. Oh why thank you! As you can probably tell, he’s quite a smooth talker.

So, Lee, I know you’ll read this – thanks for basically getting us together, who knows what woud have happened without that label!

After this little conversation, I had to get to Birmingham to meet some friends and see Bowling for Soup (anyone from Wales will know the struggle of making it to anywhere with Arriva Trains!) Ryan said he’d bring me instead. The road trip and gig were so much fun and its the only reason I actually know what day we ‘officially’ got together – I have to Google the gig every year! He has no idea so I just tell him each year in the hope of flowers or something. No flowers as yet – will keep you updated!

Getting through uni…

Sometimes uni work or stress would get on top of me, usually my fault because I am Last Minute Queen, but Ryan was so supportive. He helped me with presentations because he’s actually good at them, would watch scenes with me over and over again (I mean it, like 50 times watching the same scene in a film!) when I was analysing them for a Film essay, or staying up all night making a board game with Welsh words (even though he didn’t know a word of Welsh) for a bizarre Education module.

Not only did he help with my work, but we had loads of fun. We’d stay up all night chatting nonsense, party lots, and hang out at the beach or pub (it’s a small town okay – there wasn’t much else to do!).

Sometimes things would be hard, but at the end of it, we knew it would be fine and we’d figure it out. The pressure of any relationship can be difficult, but alongside uni, navigating through life for the first time by yourself, and having a constant reminder that we would be long distance soon definitely added to it.

After uni…

Leaving university was hard. I had to leave behind my friends, my amazing house, living next to the beach, and of course, Ryan. Going from seeing a partner almost every day to every few weeks was odd and I felt like I was missing out on loads. Time went fast between visits though as I was always working.
During this time, I decided to go to Leeds and see if I could find more permanent work while staying with a friend. I found work and have worked in the same job for 4 years. Ryan moved to Leeds for a while too, but had to move elsewhere due to work.

We were long distance again for a while, and it could get really frustrating as we both tried to figure out our working and social lives, but no matter what we made time for each other. We spoke most days and he visited most weekends until eventually moving to Leeds two years ago. We now live together, finally!

When I look back on how much has changed and how much we’ve done during this time together, I’m really glad that we’ve come this far, despite life throwing up a bunch of obstacles.  I really wouldn’t be without him.

Little sidenote: Why when I’m not wearing glasses do I still have them on my head?!

If you liked my little story, let me know, and if you’d like to hear more about how I put up with this guy after 7 years, tell me in the comments!