Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask – Cruelty Free, Vegan, Organic Facemask

How many perfect skincare hero words can you find in one title? I have used the Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask a few times in order to give you a true review rather than a first impression.

My first impression was literally, ‘Wow!’ The packaging itself is worthy of mentioning as the minimalistic and sophisticated styling means this pot deserves a place on the dressing table. It looks really expensive even though it’s only £14.97 (sale price so I’d get it fast if you plan to).

Upon opening the tub, there was dark grey, uhh…mud, that looked really rich and thick. I poked it with my finger, and proceeded to get the mud everywhere whilst trying to wipe it off. This stuff sticks!
Due to how messy the quick finger test was, I decided to purchase some mask brushes. I just bought some cheap ones from Amazon and they were brilliant!

Mud Mask Skincare

The mask was easy to brush on and gave great coverage using a small amount. Once I’d put the mask on, I carried on as normal for the 15 minutes you’re supposed to leave it on for. One thing that was instantly different about this mask is that I couldn’t feel it. It wasn’t dripping, irritating or drying so that your face feels like it’s been painted. I always feel a bit out of action when I have a mask on, but this one was like a second skin.

Taking the facemask off is another story. It’s not a simple peel or quick wash. You have to use a flannel or something similar to scrub a little. The results are so worth it though! Each time I use it, my face looks instantly brighter, feels smoother and looks like I’ve been for a facial rather than used a 15 minute mask at home. It’s great for dry skin as it doesn’t dry the skin out at all.

The best thing about this dead sea mud mask is that it’s made with completely natural, organic ingredients so it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free. I’d like to move into more organic, cruelty free products so this is a great start.

I can honestly recommend this mask, especially as you get so much for the price. £14.99 can seem expensive at first if you don’t usually spend on skincare, but the tub is bigger than most others and you only need a really small amount. I think I’ll easily get at least 20 masks out of this, probably more. The fact that it actually works for me means it’ll be my go to regular mask from now on.


Disclaimer: I was gifted this product for review purposes, but as always, all opinions are my own.