Getting Ready Quickly featuring Pebble Grey.

Something I have always struggled with is getting ready quickly, which if you read my Get Ready With Me post, is no surprise! I am super slow at everything, far too relaxed until the last minute and so disorganised that I never know where my makeup or hair products are.  I end up with products sprawled across the dressing table (not really a dressing table, but we’ll go with it), straighteners and curlers placed strategically while they cool down, and I’m never able to find the lip colour that I know will go so perfectly! Basically, it’s a nightmare.

I decided to change all of this recently, and it’s really working out so I thought I’d share how.

Sorting Products

I don’t yet have a dressing table as such, so please don’t judge my rubbish arrangement of storage (rental properties are really awkward when you’re supplied with LOADS of furniture, none of which you want), but it’s what works to make me quicker when getting ready.

The first thing I would suggest is keeping everything in one place. It sounds obvious, but I used to keep electricals on the other side of the room to my makeup because they were near the plug. But going back and forth meant products would spread along the way and my room would end up looking a mess before I’d even really started.

Now I have all of my skincare, hair products, and makeup in one area. I keep the hair products in a drawer, skincare in another and makeup on top of the dresser and am much more efficient. Getting rid of a lot of products also helped. There were some things that I never use, but thought I might, or products that were old, so I decided to throw away loads before organising. Now I only have things that I’ll definitely use.



Makeup Storage

I know so many people have shown the clear, acrylic makeup storage, but when I realised how useful it would be to actually see all of my products, I decided to get some and see if it was worth the hype. I didn’t realise this hype came from the Kardashians using them, but sometimes hype does mean good.

They’re brilliant! They can be quite expensive, even online, but I managed to find some at bargain prices!

I put all of my usual everyday makeup in the main stand so it’s easy to grab. There are a few sections, so I’ve kept palettes in one, eye make up in another, and so on. I also keep the lipstick holder in the main tray as there is space there and it keeps them a bit neater.


I bought the acrylic drawers for all of the extra stuff (after downsizing massively!), and now have one drawer for palettes, one for lip products, one for eye makeup, and one for awkwardly shaped nail polish that doesn’t fit in it’s stand (coming up!)

Nail Polish

The next handy bit of storage is these stands, which I use for nail polish.

acrylic nail polish holder

Poundland £1

I thought they were a bit pointless at first, but it’s so much easier to look through them than digging through or tipping out a box or bag. I keep all of the nail polish stands neatly in a drawer and it’s so easy to choose a colour now. I also have fast drying nail spray from Poundland that is just incredible. I can paint my nails and be out of the door in five minutes (including the painting!).

Having everything in clear storage has really helped me not only be faster at getting ready, but to also make use of everything. It’s so easy to forget about certain makeup when it’s hiding away. It means I experiment a bit more too.

Babyliss Curling Pods.

In the background of some pictures, you might also notice my Babyliss Curling Pods – these are a super fast way to curl your hair, so I keep them in sight to make me use them more. I simply leave them to heat up for a while, take 5 minutes to put them in, then do my make up, and by the time I’ve done some, they’re ready to come out.

Curling Pod

Makeup Mirror

Another thing that has made getting ready much easier is this illuminated, magnified mirror from Pebble Grey.


I usually just use my standing mirror to do my makeup because it’s easier than smaller ones. I also never seem to find quite the right light in my home.

Do you ever get the horror of thinking you look good, then walking into well lit changing rooms or toilets when out? Well, no more!

The light on this mirror is amazingly bright, but not so bright you can’t see what you’re doing, it just highlights everything. And I mean everything!

When I first looked into the illuminated, magnified mirror, I was slightly horrified at my closeup. My eyebrows looked awful, my lips are too chapped, the lot! But, on first use with makeup, I did perfect eye make up and my skin looked flawless. I don’t think I’ve ever done makeup so well. I also managed to pluck my eyebrows a lot easier, not having one hair out of place. I could experiment with eye makeup more and add more intricate details. As someone who could never claim to be great at makeup, I was seriously impressed with myself.


As the mirror is magnified by 3x, it was much easier to do makeup, meaning I made less mistakes and took a lot less time. It really speeds things up for me and I’ll definitely use a lot. I honestly feel like it’s changed the way I use my makeup for the better.

I also really like the design of this mirror. It’s sleek, the switch is easily flickable when you have product on your hands and the flat front surface means nothing gets trapped in the edges – which has definitely been a design flaw on other mirrors I’ve used. I can’t wait to set up my new dressing table with it (btw, I’ve decided I’m getting a new dressing table!).

The quality is not comparable with other illuminated mirrors I’ve used, it’s much better, and any beauty bloggers or YouTubers will appreciate the ring light feature. I’ve also fallen a little bit in love with their Pebble Grey’s Hollywood Mirrors. Look how perfect they could be together!

hollywood mirror

What do you do to make getting ready easier or quicker? Have you got any amazing products that help you along the way?

Tina x