12 reasons Instagram is good for you.

When people talk about Instagram, they mostly talk about the negative impact it has on the user; the pressure that is put on us because of how perfect everything looks, the consumerism, the teeny models making us think we should stop eating, yet pretty pictures of doughnuts that make us want to, and the fact that everyone using it is an attention whore.

When I first got Instagram, I wasn’t really sure of the point of it. I have always loved taking pictures, but I didn’t see why we were sharing photos with strangers.

However, since getting the app, I’ve realised that there are loads of people just like me, that enjoy taking photos of their life and documenting the good moments, whether it’s a perfect wedding or a cup of tea after a long day. Alongside that, I believe Instagram serves us with even more benefits that I wouldn’t be without.

So here are 12 reasons Instagram is actually good for you…


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1.   Finding beauty in your surroundings.

Sometimes life can be boring, but when you can find beauty in your surroundings, it makes the day a little brighter. Like walking in the rain, but finding the perfect street view, or making dinner like you do day in, day out,  and realising it’s an Insta worthy meal.

2.   Keeping up with real lives.

I love coming across a cute picture of my friend’s baby, or seeing what another has been up to at the gym. Somehow, even though the posts are public, it can feel like you’re own little private club and everybody liking and commenting on things is so encouraging too keep doing what you’re doing.

3.  Inspiration.

Instagram is full of inspiration, from people just like you. While some accounts are contrived and magazine-like, a lot of them are just everyday people. From style, beauty, nail designs, craft ideas, there’s something for everyone, and I definitely feel inspired by it.

4.  Travel ideas.

I have seen so many places that I’d love to visit both locally and abroad just from scrolling through Instagram. There are places I never would have thought of. Also, seeing places I’ve been to brings up all sorts of wonderful memories!

5. Home inspiration.

I touched on inspiration before, but the biggest motivator I have found is home inspo. Who knew how how to arrange anything before Instagram? Even the smallest candle arrangement can make such a difference in a room and Insta definitely pushes me to up my game when it comes to homeware.

6.  Insight into others lives.

You come across people from all walks of life on Instagram and it’s amazing to see who else and what else is out there. It’s always so interesting to see how others live,  and with Instagram you get to see all the little secret places they go, what hobbies they have and things they like. Culture from your comfy sofa!

7. New friends.

Some people are able to find people who have similar interests to them, such as photography, and can strike up great friendships because of what they share on Instagram. Like me and all the other pizza lovers!

8.  It can make you try harder.

We’ve all seen the #goals posts, and sometimes you just think ‘piss off’ , but they can also be quite motivating. Fitness posts can be motivating, colourful healthy meals can be inspiring. Someone showing their workspace can motivate you to create a productive space for yourself. You can be your own goals!

9. A way to kill time.

This seems to go against finding beauty in life, but hours on a bus or train can be a killer and looking out of the window can only do so much. I would rather scroll through my feed and become inspired than mindlessly play a mobile game.

10.  Finding new brands.

I love coming across a new brand or small business on Instagram, especially new Etsy stores. You can find really unique gifts and the ultimate fave, stationery! I didn’t even realise planners were such a thing before this app! (Hover for brands)

11. Self(ie) love.

I’m not much of a selfie lover myself (although I wish I was better at them and then I so would be!), but sometimes having people tell you that you look great is a massive confidence boost. So why not put yourself out there and gather some likes?

12.  Food!

From healthy meals, recipe ideas, and heart eyed emoji worthy chocolate cake, Instagram has it all. I’m sure a lot of people have taken ideas from it and I definitely use it for inspiration when I don’t know what to have for dinner. It’s also a great way to find local eats with actual evidence of them being good.

Do you agree that Instagram can be a good thing? Have I justified spending hours on it now? Can you add any to the list?

P.S. All pictures are my own.

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  • I loved reading this,i think once you’ve worked out what “type” of content you’re going to share with the world the better your experience is.I love following all types of accounts on Instagram,they’re all so motivationing and i have found some great blogs through it too.Your photos are amazing X

    • Tina

      Totally forgot to mention finding new blogs! Hahaha! But yes, me too! Yeah I agree, you kind of sway towards the things you like posting even on others feeds. Thank you so much! Id love to improve my pics on it, but happy with how it’s going so far xx

  • Yay I see a little mention to Aloha Lola Cards! Yes I do feel like a lot of debate around Instagram is the standards it sets when that’s only one aspect to it. The inspiration it provides is limitless! Definitely where I go for some art motivation! X X X

    • Tina

      Hehe! Exactly, there are so many great things about it and I go there for inspiration & motivation too! Xx

  • Love this list, and totally agree. Whilst Instagram can have it’s downfalls, it does have a lot of positives that I think people overlook too. I always feel more connected scrolling through my feed and liking pictures, and that puts me in a better mood instantly, so that’s another positive! x

    • Tina

      Thanks! Yeah same! It’s definitely a little pick me up for me xx

  • I love this post Tina! SO glad you wrote about the good things! Yeah, sure, there are down sides…but there are downsides to EVERYTHING, so you might as well point out the positives! I like your style girl! And you are so spot on with the finding new brands! I love discovering new little businesses and being able to support them versus the big chains!

    • Tina

      Thank you! I agree, might as well try and find the positive angle! I love supporting small businesses too! You know it’s a passion as well as a job x

      • So true! It’s our JOB to give them a job! LOL

        • Tina


  • I love Instagram with a passion; I’d say it’s my fave social media platform. I think as long as you’re following people who’s content is good for you then it’s brilliant. Know your limits – following someone who’s 8 stone and travels the world isn’t necessarily going to help your self esteem if you’re feeling chunky and have no money or annual leave!

    • Tina

      Yeah I think that’s the thing, people follow some with unachievable lifestyles, and make themselves feel bad really. I think it’s amazing!

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