Barrecore Launch, Leeds

Last week I was invited to try Barrecore, a new exercise class in Leeds created by Niki Rein. The classes are above Sweaty Betty so the launch event was in the shop below. I was so busy finding out more about barrecore and talking to fellow bloggers that I didn’t take photos!
We were provided with healthy snacks and prosecco so were off to a great start!
Also, everybody was lusting over the Sweaty Betty products. I’m sure you get fitter just standing in that shop!

While we waited for our class, I spoke to the Barrecore staff who were all absolutely lovely. I would honestly want to go to any classes they were running. We also got to meet and talk to Niki who was incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. It’s great when you can see how passionate somebody is about what they do. She told us a bit more about Barrecore, it’s beginnings and what to expect in class. You can find out more here!

When it was our turn for a class, we were given a water bottle and Barrecore socks, and took our places!

Barrecore explained:
Barrecore class is a low impact, full body, interval training program using isometric exercises alternated with stretching. Movements are done using your own body weight as resistance and/or small equipment and high repetition to overload the muscle and then stretched out to create a longer looking and lean physique.

I am not at all already fit, so was a bit worried about turning up to a class that my research told me was hard work. And it was! Not in the usual way though. We were told to ’embrace the shake’, because the movements are inticate, yet intense, so you actually just shake!

With the use of our own body weight, a barrecore ball, resistance band and hand weights, we worked our bodies in a totally new way. This exercise tricks you, because you come out feeling like you’ve been to a low intensity class, but the next day it gets you! I could feel aches in muscles I never feel with standard exercise.

I thoroughly enjoyed Barrecore and definitely want to do more, but unfortunately I do not work in town so it’s a little awkward for me at the moment and I know I won’t make the most of it. If you do want to, you can find out more about classes and prices here.
However, I found that they actually do unlimited online classes for £25 a month, which I will definitely be signing up for! This means I can take a class whenever I want to!

As well as the class itself, we were given a goody bag and when I looked inside, my face lit up (my friend says so anyway, I’m sure I was the epitome of cool) as I found a natural spray deodorant from Salt Of The Earth, whose name I love by the way! I cannot tell you how happy I still am about this. I have been looking (albeit not super hard) for one for about a year! I bought my boyfriend one in The Body Shop, but couldn’t find one for me. It’s unscented, which is fine, but I’d love to try the scented one.

We also received MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion, Esthechoc (chocolate food supplement), Exuviance skincare and a voucher for Mindful Chef.
Everything in the goody bag perfectly complemented the event and class. I loved the Sweaty Betty bag it came in too (pictured above).

Do you think you’d like to try Barrecore? Have you tried anything similar?

Tina x