Bloggers Blog Awards 2016 #BloggersBlogAwards

On Saturday, I went to the Bloggers Blog Awards, that were set up by Hayley from Tea Party Beauty.

There were about 200 bloggers, raffles and gorgeous outfits everywhere – a super daunting part of turning up to blogger events is everyone dresses and does make up SO well!


I turned up fashionably late of course, but instantly saw some people I’d met before and had been talking on Twitter that morning. From there was a flurry of meeting fellow bloggers, chatting loads, drinking wine, dropping a whole NEW bottle of wine while the room went quiet for raffle time (it was me!), and moving onto town for more drinks.

The award part itself didn’t last too long, so there was plenty of time to mingle and drink too much. The winners were all so deserving and it was great to see all get rewarded for their hard work.  They were also all really humble, which was lovely.

It was so nice to meet people I speak to often online, to see the person behind the blog and to catch up with people I’ve met before. It’s times like this that you realise what a lovely bunch of people you’re surrounded by online. You know when you go somewhere and literally every person you talk to is lovely? The people I already thought were fab only confirmed this by being amazing on the day! I definitely missed way too many people though, so will hopefully catch them at other events.

Just a quick post really to say that it was a fab event and I’m looking forward to more!

If you were there, let me know. And if we chatted, I really like you!

Tina x