Cuppa & Catch Up – September 2016

Time to wake Green Day up! I’m probably the only person ever to say that on this date – I’m hilarious. I recently managed to buy tickets to see them in February by the way, even though tickets sold out in minutes! I cannot wait to see them!

Hi! This is my monthly post where I reflect on the last few weeks and let you know what’s been going on. They’re going to get easier as I plan on blogging much more often, therefore not relying on mostly memory (of which I have very little). I’m probably going to say this every  month, but oh my laaaawwd, how has another month passed already? I’m not okay with this.

I’ve been a bit quiet online this month as I’ve had a lot going on. It’s strange because even though I’ve been busy, when I write a catch up post, it alway looks like I’ve done less than I think. Some things aren’t really worthy of writing and some are probably forgotten!

Blog wise, I’ve been a bit rubbish. Aside from being busy doing life, my emails weren’t working and I didn’t realise for weeks! I still had some coming through so didn’t notice the ones that were missing. I’ve also been really slow on my collaborations, which I feel awful about. I have definitely had too much going on lately and unfortunately, it’s usually the blog that takes a back seat.

Despite my blog being a bit neglected, it was it’s 3 year anniversary the other day! I can’t believe I’ve kept at it for so long. I have a lot of plans for it for the next year.


This month, I’ve been making the most of the last days of summer. I always feel sad when it ends and don’t love Autumn – I know this is shocking to many! I finally went to Roundhay Park in the daytime. I’ve only ever gone on Bonfire Night, which is ridiculously as I live so close to it. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been missing out all this time.

img_6076-1My friend and I went for lunch and had a mini picnic in the park before walking around the lake.

Last week, my cousin that I haven’t seen properly for years came to stay. It was so lovely catching up on all these years. We had a good laugh and lots of chats. Plus he met Ryan for the first time. I took a few days off work and went back to Roundhay Park for the day with him while there was a bit of sun. I did the usual tour of Leeds, taking a look around the city centre, etc. We also went to Tropical World! Why have I never been? It was amazing. With open spaces for tropical butterflies and birds, as well as piranhas and meerkats, it was a great trip!

We all went to the local driving range (which I didn’t know existed!) and it was so fun. Not only could I hit a ball, but some actually went pretty far and in the right direction!

A few weeks ago, I took part in a travel tag blog post competition. I took part in the tag as thought it looked fun, but the added bonus of a stationery prize of course motivated me a bit. I won and received the cutest prize! A little keyring elephant and sticky notes (my fave!), plus a really sweet card.


I haven’t been to any blog events in a while (partly due to lack of emails!), but was invited to the Leeds Barrecore launch. I have a post coming about it, but I really enjoyed the class and meeting more local bloggers. I also got to take a plus one so took my friend along and we had a great time. If you’re in Leeds, there are complimentary lessons this weekend and it’s definitely worth trying. The studio is above Sweaty Betty and we were lucky enough to receive a few goodies too.


I was also invited to try the new menu at Jamie’s Italian in Leeds, so will have a post about that too. I have so many restaurant reviews coming up. Yay food!


I’ve also been looking at cameras all month even though I’m on a spending ban. I reeeally want a new camera and could do with suggestions please! I want something that’s good for outdoor photography as well as blog photos. Any suggestions will be really useful!

In all, I had a great month! I have a feeling I’m going to get even busier over the next few though, so will have to work on getting organised. For the rest of the weekend, I’ll be taking pictures, working on collaborations, and getting the important things done. However, before all that, I’m off to the Bloggers Blog Awards today! I might see some of you there, but I’ll definitely be posting pictures, likely along with the 200 other attendees! I will try and snapchat some of the event (username: tea_tina). I’m really excited to see some people I’ve met before, meet new people and see who wins for each category.

What’s been the highlight of your month? Tell me your news!

Tina x