3 Year Blogiversary!

Today I had a lovely little notification pop up on WordPress.

It was a total surprise because I’m terrible at keeping track, but its my blog’s 3 year anniversary! 🙂

3 years ago today, I searched for ‘free blog’ and signed up to write online. 

As I said in my last personal post, when I first started Tea Is For Tina, I wanted to write some opinions and share my thoughts online to see how others would respond. I wanted somewhere to tell people about products I’d tried and to have a rant now and then.  

Well I did that…but I also did so much more. I found people with loads in common with me. I found great blogs full of articles, funny stories, great advice, and personal posts that I could relate to SO much! 

I have been lucky enough to be sent amazing products to try, and have been invited to some great events with lovely people.

I also discovered a huge, but fantastic, community on social media. I am no longer just browsing Instagram for pretty pictures, I’m getting a bit of insight into people’s lives outside of their blogs. I’ve got to know people through blog comments and twitter conversations. I’d go as far as to say some of these people have become great friends who are now stuck with me.

I have managed to put a little piece of myself online and to have people respond to the things I do and say is incredible.

I know it’s hardly an Oscar (ahem…speech time!), but I want to thank you all for reading, following and responding to my blog posts. Blogging wouldn’t be the same without you. In fact, I’m not sure I’d still be writing here if it wasn’t for you.

I’ve had many opportunities and met many wonderful people because of this blog, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. 

Also, I kept up a hobby for 3 whole years! This is incredible to me! 

Thanks again, guys! Proper, less soppy posts coming soon! 

Tina xxx