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  1. This was beautifully written and well said! As a customer of Claire’s I was appalled by what had happened and I’m so glad that she was able to voice out about it! People need to read this and understand the hard work she puts in! She is so talented and so lovely, no one deserves to be treated like that! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

  2. I was really horrified to hear about that person screwing you over Claire, and I’m so sorry that it’s happened twice in quick succession! Your art is absolutely fabulous and you did such an amazing job on my blog banner – I couldn’t have asked for better service! I really hope you’re able to put some measures in place that will prevent anything like this happening again in the future. Sending you a massive hug!

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. Claire! I am clapping like crazy over here! I agree with the above poster who said it was beautifully written! It was indeed! You have a way with words that paints a vivid story! I hate the fact you were taken advantage of as well as many other small businesses or nice ppl out there! I also applaud you for being oh so real and putting your history out there to make your point I’m sure it will help others find strength Rosie xxx

  4. It makes me both sad and mad that these things happen, especially to hardworking people who are just trying to build something good and put their heart and soul into a business. I don’t think I could run my own business sometimes because of lousy customers like that, I have such a bad temper etc! It must be so disheartening too. At the end of the day it’s just rude and lame and awful to have someone do something for you and then refuse to pay them because you’ve changed your mind – it’s such an awful attitude to have! I’m sorry that this happened to you, Claire!

  5. I’m so sorry this happened to you Claire!! I’m glad to hear you’re now putting protections in place for yourself, definitely get the person to pay all of it upfront before the design! And if they’re not happy, maybe offer a partial refund if they’re really been dicky about it.
    I hope this doesn’t happen to you again!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  6. Tears for Claire……I didn’t know any of this, that’s awful news. Well done for making a stand though. people shouldn’t be so bloody disrespectful. Art takes time and Claires work is all completely by hand. I hope that person is completely ashamed of themselves.


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