Q&A Post – Questions asked by followers

Remember that time long ago when I said I was doing a Q&A? And then I forgot all about it? Well, here it is. Questions were posted by some lovely Twitter followers and it’s fun to see what people would like to know about me.

Q&A blogger

Do you like me in glasses? ūü§ď Nah, joking! Is there a topic you wanna write about but, for whatever reason, haven’t?
Claire from Aloha Lola Cards

I love you in glasses. Sit your librarian ass down! (This is a quote from Claire’s biggest Twitter fan, I’m not just being weird.) There are a lot of things I have started writing, but not finished as I’ve lost momentum, but I don’t feel worried about posting anything. I think I’d like to get more into the hard hitting stuff though.

How have you overcome some blogging difficulties ?
Naomi from Teatime With Naomi 

My main difficulty is consistency I think. I’m not very consistent with anything. I mainly try to make sure that I spend at least some time online, so if I’m not writing, I am reading blogs and commenting, etc. to keep engagement going. This isn’t on purpose, I’m just chatty and like blogs, but it’s helped me remain ‘in the game’ even when I haven’t posted anything.

If you could move to any country in the world, which one would it be and why?
Geraldine from Geraldine’s Wonderful World

I actually answered this in the travel tag this week, and think at the moment it would be Hungary. I’m in love with the place. However,¬†I’d love to live in India for a while – I’ve never been so not sure where abouts yet!

What are your favourite kinds of blog post to write? Who is your favourite YouTuber and why do you love their content? ūü§Ē
Abbey from Abbey Louisa Rose

I love writing about actual issues and current affairs. I like to hear other people’s perspectives and find the most passionate people commenting when I write those posts. It’s really interesting. However, I also love silly posts, but my silly ones always seem to be taken more seriously than intended. I think a dry sense of humour is difficult to put across in text.
My favourite Youtuber is Miranda Sings! Okay so she’s a fictional character of¬†Colleen Ballinger, but her videos are actually incredible. Anyone who has watched vlogs will cringe.

Do you like all teas or just regular? What’s your favourite meal? Do you prefer cake or cookies?
Danni from Button Baker

Mostly just regular. I’m such a boring tea fan! I like Peppermint and a few different black and herbal teas, but always go back to basics.
My favourite meal is probably a roast dinner, which is weird because I used to hate Sundays due to the fact that we had one every single week! Does everyone still do that by the way? I thought it was standard, but not many people I know do it? Sunday Roast, right?
Cookies! I love cake, but again am pretty boring with it. Also I can eat a whole pack of cookies at once, but only a slice or two of cake.

Where do you get your inspiration when you have writer’s block?
Harley from Fit and Flawed

I tend not to write when I don’t have an idea bugging me, but to try and be more consistent, I have come up with some handy ways to keep the content coming. My main sources are:
Look around my room, try out some sample products or ones that have been aroud a while and review.
Look on Facebook, as it always infuriates me, which becomes a rant post.
Look through my phone pictures (I take photos of absolutely everything) and see what I’ve been up to.

Who is your favourite musician? What is your favourite film? 
Queens & Kinks

This is too hard so I’m cheating!
Favourite musicians: I absolutely love Pete Doherty, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Debbie Harry, Taylor Swift and Kimya Dawson – to name a few! My musical tastes are a little eclectic!
Favourite films: Almost Famous, The Dreamers, Mona Lisa Smile, Walk The Line.

Whats your favourite thing about blogging? 
Sally from Sally Elizabeth

I love being able to¬†put everything in one place and having¬†something to look back on. I also love the people I’ve come across because of it, I feel like I’ve found ‘my people’ even though they’re not close to me. In normal life, it’s hard to come across others who love all the same stuff as you.

What’s your holy grail lip product?¬†
Katie from Katie Cupcake – Life With ME

I think it has to be the Lush Lip Scrub. I have tried a lot (A LOT) of lip products, but that’s something I will definitely continue to buy. Smoooth lips! Make up wise, my favourite is probably¬†Make Up Revolution’s Matte Lipstick in Nude, which is a ridiculous bargain for ¬£1!

What do you love to read when you visit a new blog page?
Geet from Geet Singh

I love seeing¬†a blog with some variety. Even if it’s a beauty only blog, some people manage to mix things up so you’re not reading endless similar posts. When I get onto a new post rather than the whole blog, something like an opinion post stands out to me.

What made you want to start a blog?
Sally from Sally Elizabeth
Katie from Katie Cupcake – Life With ME
Naomi from NayBeautyMUA

I started a blog as a place to put all of my thoughts. I read a lot of other blogs, and wanted to post honest reviews and things that normal people could relate to, rather than ¬£50 lip glosses (bad example, but I’m sure you know what I mean).
I also (genuine reason) wanted to give my Facebook friends a break. I’m always picked on for having ‘strong opinions’ on there and I figured putting my thoughts to the world (the world being a litle blog that nobody read!) was better than bugging my friends and family who probably hear enough of it all from me as it is.

Thank you all for your questions! It was so nice answering¬†questions that were especially for me. I will be doing another Q & A¬†at some point, so if you have any questions for me, add them in a comment or email me if you want to remain anonymous. They can be as challenging or personal as you like – I’m not scared…I don’t think!

I’ve linked everybody’s blogs and honestly, I read every single one regularly so can highly recommend if you’re a bit bored of me now.

Tina x