I can’t believe I forgot to put this in my August catch up, but last month I went to A&E (Emergency Room for non-Brits) for the first time! How exciting! I was out having dinner with a friend and all of a sudden, my lip felt strange. Almost numb. I told my friend and she said it was swelling. I didn’t believe her and thought she was messing about. Her laughter didn’t help. That’s until she passed me a mirror. I had a growing lip!

I’ve never reacted to anything before and we were close to the hospital so I decided to go and get it checked out.  I was given an anti-allergy tablet, and tests to check I’m in good health, but was told not much else could be done on the night. As soon as my lip felt a bit less odd and looked less swollen, I left. This was all fine, nothing impressive, but A&E had served it’s purpose.

The next day I received a text message. Hardly any battery as usual!


nhs hospital text

Well isn’t the whole world bloody technology obsessed. I can rate my time at A&E! What a time to be alive!

Except I’m pretty sure anyone who goes there has no choice. Is there one next door with the same services that I am unaware of?
Oh you cracked your head open, wouldn’t bother with A&E, the service is just dreadful. No, just sit and hope you heal instead. There’s a lot of blood? Did you not hear what I just said about the staff?
There is no rating for cleanliness, friendliness, time or general helpfulness. Just if I’d recommend.
P.S. The toilets were smelly and I couldn’t find a hand sanitiser in the hall so had to wash my hands then touch a dirty toilet door, then sit with ill people. Other than that it was fine, but not great.

Have you been to A&E before? Do you think this feedback is neccessary?

Tina x