Get Ready With Me

I’ve seen a few of these blog posts and vlogs lately, so I thought I’d let you in on my morning. These posts are always full of perfect moments, from having a healthy breakfast, to reading for a while, going for a run. Not me!
This is me most days! This is (I think!) what it’s like to really get ready with someone!

I decided to try and get to work earlier. This decision may have been pushed by my boss…I am always on time, but I don’t leave a lot of room. Today, I arose 20 minutes earlier in order to make it 20 minutes earlier and impress all! Not a crazy difference and still no hanging out and having breakfast, but a small change that I can do each day.

I also didn’t want to wash my hair today (I don’t like doing it every day), which gains at least 5 minutes of shower time (gotta let that conditioner soak in), and 15 minutes of hair drying/extra grooming time.

40 extra minutes!

Here’s how it went:

I got up, all fresh and determined. 

I got my clothes together, this usually takes a while but thanks to organising my wardrobe the other day, I’m super fast at it!

I went to the bathroom, showered and brushed my teeth.

All I had to do was shove clothes on, sort my hair and face (that I barely do anything with) and go! Winner!


I came back into the bedroom, but realised that my hair did actually look a bit too unwashed. I couldn’t find the dry shampoo for a while. When I almost gave up, I found it, yay! Lovely fresh hair for me! Or not! The nozzle broke halfway through and just stopped spraying. Gah! Now I’m half done and half not. Definitely no time to wash and dry hair now, I had to make do with what I’d done.

Time spent: 10 mins

Hair done, I went to my clothes ready to get dressed. There was what looked like washing powder on my black trousers. I didn’t have any other trousers to wear with my chosen outfit and a whole new outfit would take too long and make me late. I grabbed a baby wipe (don’t judge me!) and wiped it away. Easy! I needed another, but nope, I’d ran out, so I had to wash the area properly anyway.

Time spent: 5 mins

Then I dried it with the hairdryer. Sorted!

Time spent: Under 5 mins.

Got dressed properly. Still time to look a bit decent… Opened a lipstick, and the whole thing fell out! Wahh! I tried to save my carpet from the lipstick mess. Succeeded!

Time spent: 10 mins

All is going well! I’d only spent 30 of my extra 40 minutes. Just had to put shoes on and leave.

Where are my shoes?! I had them yesterday. Search for shoes. Go to grab keys. Keys are not where I put them. Search for those. They’re actually in the door downstairs already! It’s raining so run back upstairs to grab my umbrella. Have a weird mini panic about things being unplugged and turned off.

Time spent: 10 mins

Just about made it in on time once again! Try again tomorrow?

This is an every day example, but there are much, much worse ones! I just never think to write it down. Is anyone else an absolute disaster at getting out of the house?  Surely it’s not just me!

Tina x



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  • I love watching and reading gets ready with me videos/posts. You are a winner for sharing an honest post. Everyone have disaster at getting out of the house or getting up in the morning (like me) sometime things go to the opposite way of what we normally plan for’ just to remind us that stay strong no matter what the situation is but hey you made it on time ((: ♡ x!

    • Tina

      Unfortunately, my mornings are like this far too often. It’s rare it goes well, but you’re right! I made it! Just about. I’ve gotten up too late soemtimes too and that initial panic throws you off so badly xx

  • This is brilliant – too relatable haha! x

    • Tina

      Haha kinda thankful it’s not just me! Why is it so difficult? I try so hard too! X

  • Brad

    I hear you girlfriend! You have just described a typical Brad morning. It’s like we’ve known each other for years. But would we have it any other way? 😂😂😂

    • Tina

      You’re just lazy I reckon! Haha! Probably not. Loser xx

  • Haha I love this! Sounds a lot like how my mornings go…and always when you thought you were going to be on time! Really enjoying reading your posts 🙂

    Georgie xo

    • Tina

      Aww thanks! Haha yeah exactly! When I think I’m going to be late I somehow still make it. X

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  • I love this post. My mornings always consist of me making coffee and then getting back into bed & scrolling social media until I have about 5 mins to get dressed and out the house. I hate mornings soo bad. No fancy breakfasts and morning yoga for me
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    • Tina

      Hahaha! I don’t even manage tea or coffee very often! Social media takes up my mornings too! I love mornings, just not having to do anything with them. One day I’ll have a breakfast! One day…x