10 Things I Love About….My Boyfriend

I never really write about my boyfriend, Ryan, on here as he’s quite a private person. He doesn’t spend a lot of time online – well, socially – but I thought of a few things the other day that make me feel lucky, and I thought it would be nice to share them in a blog post. Plus, he never reads my blog so maybe if it’s about himself, he’ll take a look!

I’m thinking of creating a 10 Things I Love About… series after this, so keep an eye out 🙂 I’d love some suggestions for the series so please comment with any ideas you have.

So, aside from obvious qualities you’d look for in a partner…

10 Things I Love About...

1. He engages in deep discussions about everything, and passionately, from current affairs to absolute nonsense.

2. He treats my friends and family well, cares about them, asks about them and is always willing to help them out.

3. He gets told off in Toys R Us with me for trying out the children’s bikes and scooters.

4. He isn’t afraid of seeming like an absolute weirdo. He’s not, btw. I don’t think…

5. He doesn’t eat his food when we’re out until I have taken a photo.

6. He plays devil’s advocate when I’m ranting in order to make sure I have considered all perspectives.

7. He always helps me out when the random pub weirdo chats to me.

8. He teaches me loads, without being condescending (even though he definitely could be with some of the things I ask!)

9. He has taught me to empathise more with people, which is just an amazing quality to have.

10. He helps me when I’m looking for make up/hair products/other things that really don’t interest him. It is highly likely that he’s trying to hurry me up, but either way, it’s useful.

These are obviously not all of the things I like about my boyfriend, but listing 11 is not as edgy and cool as 10.

Is there anything a little unusual about your partner that makes you feel lucky?

Tina x