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  1. Kelly G says

    I hate having a disappointing meal; it just seems such a waste of money when you could have cooked something for nothing at home and spent it on other stuff (like shoes!)

    • Tina says

      Exactly! It is annoying, but I guess I would have tried it at some point, so now it’s over with! haha x

  2. Erin says

    It’s too bad that the food disappointed, the idea of the restaurant sounded like a nice place! But yes, one of the dishes in particular, maybe they are quesadillas? Definitely look a bit bare. I kind of feel like with sharing-style meals should have more to them because you can get a bit more creative. Maybe I’m wrong, though, I’m not in charge of a restaurant 😉

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    • Tina says

      Yeah the quesadillas were very bare. Haha, I feel like they could get a bit creative too or at least make each little dish impressive, make you want more of it x

    • Tina says

      He is thanks, was okay the next day. I’m just glad it didn’t get any worse. Thanks for asking xx

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