Cuppa & Catch Up – August 2016

Clearly the weekly update was far too difficult for me to handle so I have decided to switch to a monthly update! I think! I want these to be a sort of diary for myself to look back on, but also to share some of my daily life with you guys. I’m not sure it’s all that exciting, but I like being nosy so maybe you do too!

I have so much happening week to week, but it’s probably better to round up all my news monthly, as then I won’t tell you all about how for 5 of the 7 days each week, I go to work and watch Netflix til bedtime. I’m not sure as this post seems pretty big and it was quite a quiet month. Let me know what you think in the comments!




Mid-month, I had a lovely little treat when I was invited to Pasille for their 3rd birthday bloggers event. I had a great time, and met up with some fab people! I even had a manicure and some great goodies from Sugar Crush Bakes and Sweet Designs Handmade Jewellery (ring and nails below).

lilac manicure pastille

We went to Cielo Blanco, a mexican restaurant in Leeds, for the first time with friends. It was a really nice night and good to try somewhere new. Look out for a blog post on Cielo Blanco soon!


I decided to book a few days off mid month as well, as I hadn’t had any holidays this year yet. I can’t believe I made it this far without any holidays. I didn’t plan anything for them, just took some much needed time out. I sat in the sun and burned myself – standard!

I got no bloody sleep as my neighbour decided my few precious days off were the ones that he should do some drilling from 7.45am – 3pm – What even takes that much drilling?! He did this for two of my three days off. Another neighbour mowed their lawn at 7am too. I don’t mind being up early, even that early, but I couldn’t even watch tv or listen to music as it was so noisy. I decided to embrace it and sit and read on the balcony the whole time.

Also, I finally finished the Mindy book I had for Christmas! Ridiculous I know, but I never sit for long to read an actual book. I took a picture of the back of the book to mark this momentous occasion! (Say what you like, but this girl likes to record even the most mundane of memories!)

It’s surprising how long you can go without realising you need some time out. The set up below is basically my days off and, noise aside, they were perfect. I realised I had no decent food on day one so a wonderful meal of fish fingers and breaded mushrooms was my lunch! It was amazing! I gave myself breakfast in bed, read magazines and wrote. Why do I have to work again?

My friend and I meet most weeks for a coffee, drink or food. Last week, we went to Handmade Burger Company (yum!) and on to Hotel Chocolat. I decided it was clever to order a rum hot chocolate and it’s as bad as it sounds!
Also, I was absolutely drenched from wondering around in the Great British Summer! The only answer to this evening was Veeno for some wine!

The friday before the glorious bank holiday weekend, we went to Alchemist, Leeds for a few drinks. Look how amazing these drinks are! One is a Long Island Ice Tea and mine was Red Dead Zombie. We then ended up in a small bar over that was really quiet and played Cards Against Humanity for a while before going to 212. I’ve never been to the bars down that way, but will be again. It was nice to be out of the very centre of the city and have a quieter Friday night.


Last Wednesday, I watched The Great British Bake Off for the first time! I’ve seen clips before, but never watched a full episode. Apparently this is not okay. I love coconut cake, so I bought one (I don’t bake!), made some posh tea in my cute tea for one teapot and settled down for my first viewing. I’m still not sure I get it to be honest, but apparently I have to watch for a few weeks to get into it, so I’ll try again tonight!



Have you had a good August? Ready for Autumn (I’m not!)?
What do you think of the monthly post? Would you prefer it weekly? Or just want me to shut up completely?

Tina x