When Face Mask Review

Declaration: I love face masks. Sheet masks, exfoliating masks, gel masks, cream based – you name it, I’ve tried it! So when I was sent a package from When masks, I was thrilled. There were two sheet face masks to try!

when face mask review

When Face Masks

The masks I received were ‘The Last Choice’ and ‘Glamour Base’. I love the bright packaging and simple branding.

I was impressed with the claims by When that these masks were all-natural, gentle enough to treat burn patients, and are super hydrating with the ability to hold up to 100 times it’s weight (10 times more than your average sheet masks). When also claim that the masks will fit perfectly, preventing evaporation and product wastage.


The Last Choice

When face mask the last choice
Company description:
When your skin needs a tall glass of hydration
Quench the thirst and drench your skin in moisture with When The Last Choice

I  was excited about this one (love anything moisture!) so tried it first. Upon taking it out of the package I was surprised at just how wet it was – the substance was jelly-like serum. I thought it was going to be really messy, but once I put it on my face, I realised that the perfect fit claim was true, and I could seal the mask, pressing it to my face in all the right places. It actually felt snug and comfortable in the way a standard face mask would and I managed to go about my normal business while wearing it – something I would usually find impossible with a sheet mask on.

The masks stay on for 30 minutes and once you take the mask off, your skin is still wet and the remaining product can be rubbed in. This felt really refreshing. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the hydration long lasting and didn’t feel the benefits for as long as I have with some other products. It was a nice treat and certainly refreshing, but overall a bit disappointing on the moisture front. I do think others would like it, and it may be that I was expecting miracles for my dry skin, but I really wanted to feel more of a difference.


Glamour Base

When face mask glamour base

Company description:
When you want your makeup to look flawless and last longer
Prepare your special day and skin with When Glamour Base for smooth and firm looking skin

I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one as a lot of products claim to be a great base and I never have much luck with them. I put this one on in the morning, so that it could be a base for the day. Once I took it off, I rubbed the product in and looked in the mirror – of course, wanting miracles as always!

My face looked fresher, brighter and firmer. It was really smooth too! I have never tried a face mask that makes me look and feel that much better and was so impressed. I decided not to put make up on, although wish I had just to try it, but my skin looked so vibrant I didn’t want to. Hours later, I still looked bright and fresh even though I certainly wasn’t feeling it. This is definitely a great base. However, at £7 per use, it’s a bit of an expensive primer. I would suggest using one for special nights out or occasions though. I am beyond impressed at this mask, would recommend it and would certainly buy it again.


These masks fit perfectly, which really made a difference to me. I was surprised at how much they stuck to my skin despite being so wet. I do think it might be a bit of trial and error to find the perfect one for you, but would definitely suggest trying them out. My skin is more dehydrated than dry, so maybe The Last Choice mask would be better for actual dry skin. The quality of these masks is unmistakeable and would be a great addition to special occasions, as a gift or for pampering evenings.

Where to buy?

You can buy When masks at the following locations in the UK:
Birchbox UK
Selfridges & Co. (London) (Can order online)
Urban Outfitters
Amazon UK

Have you tried When masks? What’s your favourite face mask?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review, but all opinions are my own.