Bored-Room to Boardroom #BoardroomEtiquette

Over the years, boardroom etiquette has changed, arguably for the better. No more smoking around the big table, but also no more alcohol – so it’s a win some, lose some situation.

However, one thing that has not necessarily changed is just how boring a meeting in the boardroom can be. When I was contacted about writing about boardroom etiquette, as part of the #boardroometiquette campaign by Calibre, I thought it would be a great follow up to my post about making office life better.

I am writing this post – no, plea – to speakers and colleagues alike on how to make the boardroom a little less boring and frustrating.

Bored-room to boardroom etiquette

Here are a few things that I believe would make a boardroom meeting better:

1. Collaboration not dictation.
There is nothing more frustrating than being spoken at, with no chance to respond. When holding a meeting or presentation, or even being part of one, feedback is important and the best way to get it is to allow people time to respond.

2. Comfortable furniture. 
2 hour boardroom meetings sitting on uncomfortable chairs against an old, scratched table is not very inspiring. You know that great, motivational feeling when you tidy your desk? Well, imagine a whole boardroom that feels that good. Calibre have it all thought out with innovative designs for the most stylish boardrooms.

3. Use pen and paper.
Unless everybody is typing, it’s probably best to write the old fashioned way. We might not all be loud, annoying typists, but it can still be distracting and possibly even seem rude when somebody is typing.

4. Coffee machine. 
Save that one person (me!) from juggling a folder, loose papers, a notepad and a cup. If you don’t have a coffee machine, why not suggest it? Spilling coffee is not a great entrance.

5. Snacks. 
I know some offices and boardrooms have these, and I know they can seem distracting, but a sugar kick while discussing boring annual reports can definitely help keep everyone perky. Be the doughnut supplier and you will forever be loved in the office!

6. Be respectful.
Disagreements are inevitable in a room full of passionate people, but it does not benefit anyone to get annoyed and argue. Boardroom tables are wide for a reason! Give others space, listen to what they say and respond respectfully. These people are your peers. If you don’t care about that, then think about how much you’ll care if that colleague one day becomes your superior.

Do you have boardroom or office meetings? What would you change to make it a nicer environment?

Tina x

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all content is my own and I will only work with campaigns if I believe they are right for my followers.