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    • Tina says

      I wonder that too. Mine still seems active (other people, not me, I’m rubbish at using it!), but it does seem like they’re all merging into one x

  1. Kelly G says

    I think they’re just jumping on the bandwagon of what they see as a success in an alternative app. I don’t think all apps need to have the same features. I like instagram to be just pictures. But I’m old (and old school). I don’t like change!

    • Tina says

      Haha same here! I like the apps have different functions and uses. They all start to become one when they use features from another and then I definitely don’t know which to use! x

  2. Marc Andrew says

    As much as it is indeed a complete stolen idea, I do like the addition of stories on Insta. It’s nice having things in one app – I always neglect Snapchat more than any of my other apps. At the end of the day, major apps will do whatever they can to keep people’s time on their apps for longer, as that equals more time to show you ads & subsequently make more money.

    Algorithm sucks, agreed. I must disagree with you on the logo though – I hate it! 😛
    Marc x

  3. Tina says

    Haha! The logo is a definite divider! I do think it could be simpler, but it used to be brown. Not a fan!
    I neglect Snapchat actually, and you’re right, I understand why Instagram have made this move, but I really like apps having their separate uses. I still think Insta will be a bit mroe glamourous than Snapchat so there’s that x

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