Instagram Update – Stories Feature: Good or Bad?

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I know we all instantly jumped to the conclusion that the new Instagram update, along with it’s Snapchat-inspired stories feature (if that’s what you can call all out copying it), is a terrible thing to happen to social media, but I’m trying to think beyond that.

I definitely miss the simplicity of the app. I miss actually seeing all images shared by everyone I follow. Not just the select few that the magical Instagram algorithm deems worthy of my viewing. I miss being lazy with my hashtags and re-using the other days tags by simply inputting # and just one letter then having all of my recently used ones there and ready to click. They’re still there, but they’re not clickable unless you scroll through the lot. And what with these new social games, we must use ALL the hashtags for a chance of being seen!

Hey, Instagram! If I take a pretty, well thought out photo of my cup of tea, I want it to be seen! Click To Tweet

There are some changes that I have liked over the last couple of years. For instance, their logo is nicer. Yup. Also, some of the extra filters added over time have been fun even though I don’t use them. I imagine someone out there does. So there are some positives!

Did Instagram copy Snapchat?

For anyone that doesn’t know, the new feature allows users to post daily stories made up of photos and video clips taken during the day. The stories can be viewed by that person’s followers and stories expire after 24 hours. For anyone that uses Snapchat, all these features are very familiar and appear to have been directly copied.

Instagram cannot deny the similarities between it’s new video stories addition and our old favourite Snapchat. While Snapchat still have their filters and fun face-tuning/morphing features as a point of difference, the stories addition to the Instagram app is a complete rip off. It even has the super similar feature of doodling on the pictures and videos before saving.

This is frustrating. We work hard at our social media channels as bloggers. Well, I’m probably speaking more for others than myself – I can’t pretend I play the social media game, I just like it. Either way, when Instagram come along (and by Instagram, I mean Facebook – they get their hands into everything. Dirty, dirty hands) and take a great feature from another app, it makes us question everything. Do we bother with Snapchat now? Or do we just do it all via Instagram. That following you’ve been working on for Snapchat, is it wasted?

It’s not all bad…

Despite all of the above and the initial ‘what the fuck are you doing’ reaction, I do think Instagram stories is a good thing. It will show us the people behind the brands, behind the blogs and maybe make some realise that not everything you see on Instagram is real life. I’m sorry if you just learned that here.

We often moan that Instagram only shows perfection, maybe stories will give us a realistic view Click To Tweet

Even Snapchat doesn’t necesseraily do that, with it’s face-perfecting filters – all of which look rubbish on me by the way!

Another thing is that Instagram stories will be much more public, whereas Snapchat feels like a bit more intimate and private (oo-er!), so they will likely still feel like very different apps.  I’ll be giving Instagram stories a chance, but for now it feels like another daunting app change that we’re not quite ready for.

App changes I am ready for…

  • Twitter not including links in the character count. When Twitter? Was it a lie?
  • Instagram remembering how I like my edits and giving me hashtag suggestions again.
  • Facebook being easily accessible through every platform, so I never have to do an online log in on my phone again.

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How do you feel about Instagram’s recent Stories update?

Tina x


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