Bistrot Pierre, Harrogate

Last weekend I was in Harrogate for work and afterwards went for some food with Ryan. We’ve eaten in a few restaurants in Harrogate, but decided to try somewhere new. Bistrot Pierre is a French restaurant located in the town centre and we came across it within a few minutes of walking – perfect if you want to explore the town afterwards.

bistrot pierre harrogate


The restaurant itself was clean and modern with a nice open layout with plenty of space. The large windows and glass doors let in a lot of light so it was perfect on a sunny day. There is outdoor seating, but we chose to stay inside while eating.

We didn’t realise the menu was fixed price, or ‘Prix-Fixe’, with 1-3 courses between £9.50-12.95. Despite this, it was still a full menu and I was surprised by how much choice there was. It seemed a great price, but I didn’t expect much for it. We ordered some Savignon Blanc – wine pairing was off the cards as I fancied white whatever we had – and both ordered 2 courses. While we were waiting, some bread and butter was brought to the table, which I thought was a nice touch.


img_4381 img_4383

It’s unusual for us to choose the same meals, but we both had a calamari starter.

Fritôts de calamars Bistrot Pierre

Fritôts de calamars  – Crispy fried squid with roasted garlic mayonnaise

The squid was quite rubbery. It still tasted nice, I enjoyed it, but definitely a bit too rubbery for me. The slightly cooked lemon complemented it perfectly and the garlic mayonnaise was a great dip, even though I’m not a mayonnaise fan usually.


Ryan chose the Pave de Steak for his main course. It was described as Pan-fried Scottish pasture-fed 21 day-aged 7oz rump steak with a choice of red wine and shallot jus or black pepper butter. He went for the red wine shallot jus and had it slightly rare.

As big fans of steak, I can honestly say it was one of the nicest I have ever tried. Ryan, more of a steak eater than myself couldn’t fault it and it was one of the best he has ever tasted.

pave de steak bistrot pierre

Pave de Steak


I chose the Boeuf braisé (braised beef) for my main which was slow-braised beef with shallots, red wine, mushrooms and bacon. I didn’t like the vegetables offered as a side so awkwardly got a salad that didn’t go with it. The whole meal was all very mismatched and I’m sorry to the real foodies out there who might read this and cringe!

The beef was cooked to perfection and the surrounding vegetables made it even better. The bacon was a nice surprise to the tastebuds now and then.

Pierre Harrogate

Boeuf braisé


Although the salad was just a side, I have to mention it! I have never tried a salad dressing that I like, and usually stick with balsamic vinegar or lemon. When this salad arrived, I was annoyed at myself for forgetting to ask for no dressing. I tried it anyway and it was incredible! The salad was so good that I stopped Ryan eating and made him try it. We asked what was used to make the dressing, and wrote it down. However, the phone reset and the note disappeared! I can’t tell you how sad I am that I can’t make the exact dressing at home.


We were both really happy with our meal and the service was great. Everybody was lovely from the moment we walked in and really helpful throughout.

However, there was one incident that ‘dampened’ the experience a bit. Unfortuantely, a fly decided to go for a swim in my freshly poured (large) glass of wine. While it was nobody’s fault, I was disappointed that I was given a fresh glass sans wine. The wine was sold by the glass and bottle, so I felt it would have been worth topping up the glass a bit in order to take the service from great to exceptional. It seemed like a trick was missed there and left me a disappointed.

Bistrot Pierre was a great alternative to a Sunday lunch and it was nice to try somewhere new. I was surprised to learn that there are more Bistrot Pierre restaurants as haven’t come across it before.

I would definitely visit again, and after checking the website, have seen some great options on the other menus. We were shocked that we had such good quality food, including 2 courses plus a bottle of good wine, for under £50. If not drinking, two courses for £10.95 is fantastic value.

Restaurants are located all over the UK so it’s worth checking for your town.

Have you ever been to a Bistrot Pierre restaurant? Would you go to one after reading this?

Tina x