Bad Skills vs Good Skills

There are certain skills that I just haven’t managed to pick up in my 29 years of existence. I’m not sure I’ll ever master them. But there are also skills I have acquired that I am super proud of, even if they are absolutely useless in every day life.

good vs bad skills



10 things I’m bad at:

  1. Checking the autocorrect on my messages before sending.
  2. Cereal to milk ratios. I always have to top up on one of them to even it out.SONY DSC
  3. Choosing weather appropriate clothing. I get it so wrong. Every time.
  4. Multitasking. I can multitask in the way of doing 4 jobs at once or something, but not making tea while being on the phone – my phone has definitely almost ended up in tea.
  5. Turning Netflix off when watching a series. I can’t deal with the cliffhangers!
  6. Sending cards on time. It’s expected that they’ll be late now.
  7. Doing washing. Do I really wear that much?! It never ends!3478997693_3d73e4bfea_b
  8. Being on time. No matter how hard I try to be on time, something will ruin it.
  9. Remembering anything. I even forget to put things in my planner. Post-its are life!
  10. Sleeping. I always feel like there’s better things I could be doing.

10 things I’m good at:

  1. Justification. I can justify a purchase or an action so easily that it’s almost worrying.
  2. Binge watching an entire series in a day. It can be done!Netflix_logo.svg
  3. Faking confidence. I am all about faking it until you make it. It actually works.
  4. Shopping. I’m so good at it that people ask me to do it for them now! That’s a good skill, right? (Adding on LinkedIn!)
  5. Debates. I will win, or you will get fed up.
  6. Talking. I can have a conversation about anything and everything.
  7. Not remembering. This is both good and bad for me as you’ll see from the list, but I can watch any film twice and have no idea what’s going on.
  8. Eating. I am very good at this. Total foodie!
  9. Encouraging odd people to talk to me. I am a magnet to the pub weirdo.
  10. Cooking something out of nothing. I can usually come up with something even though the fridge or cupboards seem bare. Very handy skill!


What do you think of the list? Do you share any of my most important skills?

Tina x