Weekly Update 1

I’ve decided to at least attempt to do some weekly updates and let you all¬†in on my everyday life a bit. I do on Twitter and Instagram, so thought I should here too. If you like it, let me know and I’ll be more motivated to be consistent ūüôā I’ll most likely be posting them on Mondays as I’m usually busy up until Sunday evening. (I realise it’s Tuesday now!)
This will also be a nice way for me, the most forgetful person ever, to look back over things I do and see some memories.

My weekdays mostly involve going to work and the odd trip out, popping into town, etc. so the most interesting stuff happens at the weekends.

My Week


Weekly Update (1)
It was my nephew’s first birthday this week! I cannot believe he’s one. How fast do babies grow?! It’s scary. Unfortunately, I was unable to see him, but I had a chat on speakerphone with him. It was mostly me talking in that way you talk to babies and him whinging and shouting back and trying to grab the phone!

I received my new Fossil fitness tracker Q Dreamer though and I’m loving it! Just found out it’s on sale and has an extra 20% so hate them a bit now. Here’s the link:¬†Fossil Promo

I’ll do a full review soon, but want to test it a bit longer. It’s fab for the basics if you want one while they’re cheap (¬£55!).



The Weekend

Friday evening, I met Ryan and some friends out and we had some drinks in Leeds. It’s nice going out with them as it’s always quite a chilled drink, which is great after a long week. We went to The New Conservatory and Distrikt, one of my favourite bars. ¬†I am the weirdo taking pictures of the flowers in a beer bottle.

img_4351   img_4347



I had loads of work to do last¬†week for the upcoming Home & Gift Buyer’s Festival¬†in Harrogate for work so spent all day Saturday sat on the floor of my living room working away while watching Gilmore Girls. Literally all day.

This is the first trade show I have attended as part of work and it was really interesting. I don’t want to put pictures up, but thought the roses were a nice touch for our Valentine’s stock.


Ryan came with me, and we love Harrogate so stuck around for a while.

We had a lovely dinner in Le Bistrot Pierre, which I’ll be writing a full review of, but if in need of a meal out before I do, I highly recommend a visit!

img_4386 img_4383 (1)

I didn’t fancy any of the desserts, but did like the idea of ice cream. How picture perfect is this ice cream from Thorntons? I got two scoops because I get carried away, but couldn’t get anywhere near finishing it!

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I then met fellow blogger, Sarah, for the first time! Sarah from Writing Rambling¬†was in Harrogate so we had a chance to meet up. I thought it would be weird meeting someone who, even though we speak online, is a stranger, but it was really nice. It was great to meet someone else who blogs too as I don’t know¬†many people in real life who do. We drank lots of Pimms (because Summer) and chatted about all kinds of things.

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After a busy weekend, we headed home and I sat in my favourite spot – out on my balcony. We have a little table with some chairs and I love going out there in the evenings or when it’s sunny. I sat out there for¬†a while reading Mindy Kaling’s ‘Why Not Me’ (which I started at Christmas and have just come back to – bad reader!) with a cup of tea and it was a great way to wind down. Until some giant unknown bug came and chased me back inside!

By the way, the candle below is from Primark. It’s ¬£2 and is one of the nicest¬†candles I’ve ever had¬†– I’ve had¬†a lot! It doesn’t burn all that evenly, but the fragrance is strong and mostly floral. It’s white tea and peony – I’ll be stocking up!

img_4402 img_4433

So this is a snippet into my real life, outside of my ranting, raving and reviews on the blog. Let me know if it interests you or if you’ve done anything similar this week.

Tina x