Falling Victim to Blogger Trends

Bloggers have always been known for keeping up with trends or even setting them, but there are also more specific blogger trends. Anyone that has a blog will know what I mean, but most people will come across these things in everyday life.

I fall for these trends. Oh yes. I am one of those people that knows of trends really early on, but I only join them really late, usually when people are onto the next thing. That’s because I spend most of the time something is ‘cool’ trying to avoid falling into a cliche. It’s terrible really, I’ll never be influencial!


Blogger Trends


Examples of blogger trends I have refused to follow, but ended up following:

Me: ‘Every blogger has marble everything, I want to be different, have different Instagram backgrounds on my flatlays and be totally unique.’ Well, guess what, I now have a marble phone case, make up palette and background! Because it’s actually nice!


Coconut Lane


Rose Gold
Then everyone moved onto rose gold acessories. Which I don’t even like. Except I do. I fully, properly appreciate rose gold now. I’ve maanged to stay away from the homeware, but the jewellery and accesories are so nice.


Script Brush Font
Total blogger cliche, but dammit, it looks so nice! Mine is a liiittle bit different to the usual in my blog title, but not really.


You may have seen posts like this: ‘YAAAS monochrome everything!’ No thanks, thought this colour lover, but you know what? It’s so stylish! Everything looks good in monochrome! I haven’t quite hidden everything colourful in my home yet, but I’ve certainly taken it on board a bit.

Coconut Lane


White White White
White backgrounds, white space, white furniture, white clothes. Clean, white photo layouts, blog templates. I could go on. Firstly, white clothes are pretty much a no-go for me! I will drop something. I can manage a white tshirt on the odd occasion, but how anyone manages white trousers on a normal day is beyond me!
You’ll see that there is a lot of white space on my website and in some photos. It’s because it does actually make things clearer. It just does.



Instagram Layout
The bloggers nightmare! Yes, Instagram looks prettier when it has a theme. Yes, it probably gains you a few more followers. Yes, I attempted it and it actually looked good, but VSCO (editing app) changed their settings and screwed it up and you know what, I’m glad! It can be so restricting! Luckily I kept mine less so by just having a similar filter and editing on all pictures, which I still do a bit, but some photos just do not fit. I have gone back to just adding what I feel like adding and I love it again! P.S. follow me at

Instagram tea is for tina

Clear Make Up Storage
Apparently this is the Kardashian’s doing, but a lot of bloggers brought it to my attention. I thought it was a bit lame at first, but then totally bought into it and love looking at all my make up easily rather than having it hidden away in bags and boxes.


Succulents & Cactus
If you don’t own a plant that barely needs water, are you even a blogger? I have always liked cactus plants, but unfortunately, I even managed to kill one of those. I love plants, but never have them because of this.  I avoided buying a succulent, again because I didn’t want to be like everyone else. Yep, I own one now. Its in my photos (see instagram above). I’m annoyed that I haven’t found a super pretty one yet, so have settled!

download (1)

Flatlay Photography
Those perfectly styled insta photos with bits of make up lying around as if it’s just been tipped out of a make up bag. When in fact it actually took about half an hour to place properly and another to take the picture without everything rolling away (p.s. teeny bit of blu-tack or tape sorts that). These photos can look great when done, but I didn’t (and don’t) want an Instagram feed of flatlay perfection. However, I did try a few and my make up did look pretty sweet laid out like that.

download (2)


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
This one is different as I bought it without seeing it around much – copied my cousin though! I actually thought it was a bit different and quirky, but clearly not! I didn’t know this was a trend, but have seen them in so many blog photos and on blogs since I bought it that I think it might be.

Yes, this is my life now. All because I decided to write things online.
Am I allowed to be proud that I don’t own a Diptyque candle (yet)?
Have you fallen victim to blogger trends? Is victim the right word if I love it? Are there any I’ve missed?

Tina x



Coconut Lane have nailed it when it comes to the trends and have collected them all in one place! Have you seen my haul yet? Love! You also get 20% discount with the code tina20







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  • Emily

    Many won’t admit it, but I think we all fall victim to blogger hype! But there’s nothing wrong with that, for me it’s mostly that I hadn’t really seen much marble or copper beforehand but when I do? I like! And that’s ok!

    Musings & More

    • Tina

      Yeah, that makes sense! I like it too, but try to stay away a bit and be different, but if we like it then it can’t be helped! You’re right, nothing wrong with it 🙂 X

    • To be fair, how many pretty feminine fonts are available on the Internet? Not that many. You can’t escape some trends without stopping to be you…

      • Tina

        That’s true actually! I actively avoided a few, but I like them so why should I 🙂

  • Love coconut lane! It’s the best! Xx

    • Tina

      It is! I was looking through the shop like I like that. And that. And that! I’ll probably just own it all soon! Xx

  • Yep, rose gold is my downfall. I was all like ‘what’s so special about rose gold?!’ but now I own a rose gold iPhone AND a rose gold portable charger AND a rose gold charging cable. Haha. It’s so bad, but I’m always quite quick to jump on the blogger trends bandwagon! x

    • Tina

      Haha I have the phone too! I guess it’s not too bad as at least it’s all pretty stylish 🙂

  • This post really caught my eye and i wanted to see if i fall in trend, since i’m also a blogger! Yes, i do have a cactus plant my latest one almost died , but luckily my dad managed to survive it, he’s really got some green fingers. It’s in the living room bythe way! Rosegold, jip have some jewellry and it really looks great. Clear makeup storage, i wish and yeah i wasn’t into this before, but it looks so fab, but unfortunatly i just cannot afford that. Whate background – i was doing a revamp of my blog and asked some ideas and everyone said pastel colours or white. makes it easier on the eye to read.

    So yeah at least finally i fit in somewhere, my entire life i was always the one person that never belonged!

    • Tina

      Hehe we’re all at it! Ooh I could do with a plant saviour!
      The plastic make up storage is usually so expensive but I got mine for £5 in Home Bargains! They’re still available to buy online I think.
      I’m glad you found your place! I think a lot of us blog to find like minded people 🙂