Nelly UK Tour 2016! #derrty

The night one of my teenage dreams came true! I got to see Nelly live in Leeds.

It was incredible, beautiful, nostalgia-inducing and the most amazing gig ever!

The pictures look great on my phone, but are of course awful really. Seeing Nelly has honestly been a dream since I was about 13, when Country Grammar was released. I loved Nelly’s plastered face and The St. Lunatics that came with him!

After 16 years, I still can’t get enough Nelly!

When I got a weekly email from a ticket website, I couldn’t believe a UK tour was coming up! I instantly told my friend and booked our tickets!

It was everything I imagined and more. He was fantastic live, which can’t be said for so many other artists. His performance was amazing, and he topped it off by bringing fans up onstage to dance and sing with him. He definitely picked the right people, because they did an amazing job. I’d probably cry or melt or something!

It was such a brilliant night! I didn’t even drink, as didn’t want to leave my spot and miss out on dancing. I might as well have drank for how I felt in work the next day – best workout ever!

Are you a Nelly fan? Have you been to any gigs lately? Next for me is Leeds Fest I think!

Tina x