A Little Blog Update!

Hi! I thought I’d give a short update on the blog and why I’ve been a bit absent. I haven’t been far or doing anything too dramatic/exciting, just hanging about Leeds and enjoying the teeny bit of sun we’ve had.

Leeds City Centre Summer 2016

Leeds City Centre, June 2016

Now, I am definitely back! You may have noticed the new design. I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking it, but am a little bit in love with how clean and pretty it looks! I have plenty of post ideas backed up, and a giveaway that I promised almost a month ago, so I thought I’d explain myself and my broken promises a little bit.

I do this magical thing where when I get overwhelmed I just do nothing. Super productive! I fell out of the loop, had too many blog post plans and didn’t do enough writing or photography to catch up with them. The only posts I’ve managed are a couple of rants and that’s because I felt a bit cheeky and maybe overly passionate about the subjects! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on getting things right.

I’ve also been at work full time, have been working at home on my own little business, making some websites, whilst also re-designing my blog. Not to excuse my lack of organisation, but I’ve been a bit busy! I hate when people tell you how busy they’ve been, like you care, but I didn’t want you to think I lied about a giveaway on social media (it’s coming!), or that I’d disappeared. I’m here! Give me attention please!

Anyway, along with the blog re-design comes some extra organisation (I’ve never said that before…), so hopefully it’ll be an alright read!

Coming up in the next few weeks, there will be:

  • Hauls – because this girl likes to shop!
  • Giveaway – just awaiting confirmation of a prize and we’re ready to go!
  • Moving WordPress blog tutorial – so hard to find easy ones.
  • The places I’ve been – ideas for trips to Yorkshire and beyond!
  • Beauty reviews – many products waiting to be tried, tested and blogged.
  • More personal posts – because I’ve held back a bit & I like other people’s.

Thank you all for sticking with me and lightening up the heavy workload on social media, joining in the Twitter chats and just all round being wonderful! I’ve got myself together now so will stop neglecting you and my little blog!

What do you think of the new blog look? If you hate it, just lie yeah? Oh and let me know if anything is not working – cheers!


Tina x