5 Ways Not To Make A Sales Call

I’ve had quite a few sales calls this week, and some of them have made me hang up pretty swiftly. It’s not something I like to do, I don’t get some mad power trip from it. At the end of the day, the sales person is just doing their job, trying to meet a target and get paid (and I’m too nice, maybe?). Some people might love it and feel like a damn boss if they sell something (they’re not a boss, bosses don’t make the 20-a-day calls), but for others, it’s a job that they need.

Keep getting hung up on? Here are the reasons I hang up and how the sales person could have been better.

Make A sales call




  1. Speak to a woman, and ask her who is in charge even after she says its her.
  2. Shout down the phone that the person does not understand the deal. Patronising will not make people want it more.
  3. Pretend you are not selling something to then go on to try and sell something. Now you’re selling something AND a liar. Not a good start!
  4. Tell the person what they want. They know what they want. (It’s fine to make them see how it could be good for them!)
  5. Ask them the ins and out of their business before telling them who you are and why you’re calling. It’s clear you did no research. (Especially if calling a comapny that only operates online!)


This list is based on my personal interactions.  Of course there are plenty of things you should not do when cold calling that will make you a better sales person. This list is not about those though. Sales is a really hard job, and I feel for anyone doing it, and for anyone who is good at it, good on you! I just think there are ways to go about it, that will not only make you better at the job, but make people hang up on you less!

How do you respond to sales calls? Is there anything you’d add to the list?

Tina x
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