The ‘Lost In A Book’ Tag

I was nominated on Twitter by Gwennan  from Twenty Something Meltdown . I have a slight problem with her blog, in that I can’t get off it! I opened the page up for this book tag and got sidetracked into reading so many posts, clicking around, checking out her Etsy store, and even have her dissertation saved on my computer ready to read. So, hi Gwennan, I’m a true stalker now! It’s definitely worth checking out her blog, but don’t leave me yet! I’ve got a book tag to do!


1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I usually read while curled up on the sofa if an actual book. My boyfriend always falls asleep before me, so the light is usually off in the bedroom. Otherwise, I read in bed using the Kindle app on my tablet.

2. Where do you like to read?

I like reading anywhere, but don’t do it enough. I like cosy nights on the sofa, or reading in bed. But it also keeps me busy on long journeys or while sitting in the sun getting my tan on (jokes, I live in Britain and am a ghost).

3. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I actually want a nice bookmark. I currently use whatever I can find, but I don’t think it’s as nice having a scrappy receipt holding my place. Anybody make pretty bookmarks?

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at a chapter?

Do people do that? Just stop reading?! No. End of chapter. Or if it’s a really long chapter and I’m falling asleep then I get to the last sentence of a page.

5. Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

I basically always have a cup of tea, so probably that. But I don’t eat while reading. I can’t multitask or hold a book with one hand.

6. E-reader or real book?

I love print books. They look nice and I like the new book smell, and having it on my shelf! However, I have more books on the Kindle app as I can save space when travelling, and you can get loads of Kindle books for really cheap!

7. Music or TV while reading?

I read in silence. Again with the multitasking. If I have music on, I’d get distracted (I read yours Gwennan and I’m with you on the singing!). If someone else was watching something I don’t like, I could read while the TV is on.

8. One book at a time or several at once?

One at a time, but…I’ve recently started two. I didn’t have one on me so started another, but now I’m just going to finish one first. I can’t handle it!

9. Reading at home or everywhere?

Mostly at home. I’m not really the type to bring a book to a cafe or on a bus (unless it’s a long journey). Some people seem to read constantly, which is great, but it has to be planned for me.

10. Reading aloud or silently in your head?

I didn’t know people even read out loud. Definitely in my head!

11. Fiction or non-fiction?

Both! I don’t like those depressing true stories, but I like fact books or something based on facts. I find it hard to get into fictional stories, but am trying. I mostly read lifestyle sort of ones.

12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I feel like I’m learning so much about other readers just from the questions. I never skip ahead! I didn’t realise this was something others do. I couldn’t!

13. Break the spine or keep a book like new?

It’s impossible not to break the spine, I feel like I can’t see enough of the page unless I do. I’d love to keep books looking like new, but it’s not in me. If it was somebody else’s I’d try really hard though.

14. Do you write in your books?

No way! I don’t know why, I doubt my books would ever be able to be passed around or sold on. But I wouldn’t write anything in a book. I’m not sure I’d even need to now.  I hated having to do it at uni, and usually used post-its instead.

Oddly, when I was younger, I wrote in every book! I’m so disappointed in young me ruining them.

15. Your favourite book?

Gwennan, I’ve never read Harry Potter! I know…I know…



I have two. One is Enid Blyton’s Naughty Amelia Jane. It was my favourite book as a child and I read it over and over. I was given my Mum’s collection of Enid Blyton books and adored them, but that was the one I kept reading.








The second is Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I borrowed this years ago, and it was the first book in years that I managed to really get into and finish. I found it so moving and remembered what it was like to love a book.







I loved doing this tag as books don’t come up that often on this blog so it was nice to think about my relationship with them.
I’m not going to nominate anybody, as I would like to leave it open to anyone who wants to try. I’ve been tagging a lot of you lately! I’d love to hear about your post if you do it, so message me, comment or send a tweet to let me know!

Tina x
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