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Our Wednesday night chats are getting busier! Friendships have been made. People keep talking about a future meet. And, it’s got a shiny new pin! Exciting things are coming from this Twitter chat.

The chat group feels more like a little community than just a random chat. I see people connecting and getting to know each other because of it. I have also met the loveliest people from having them join in and getting to have conversations about random topics rather than just blogging.

We have ongoing themes week to week, such as Mean Girls, sidetracking to food and shopping, and the all important choice of drink for the evening! New people are never left out (at least I really hope not!). While I am usually hosting the chat, I don’t feel like I’m doing it alone as there are amazing people constantly making sure everyone is involved. This is especially great when I can’t get round to everyone. I’d hate for anyone to join and feel like they’re talking to themselves!

Because of this, after the chat last week, Danni, from Button Baker, and I were talking about a little pin/button that could identify us and thought it would be fun to get one of our favourite designers involved! We chatted to Claire, who has an Etsy shop called Aloha Lola Cards, and she came up with a brilliant pin for the chat!

It’s amazing! Claire does such great work and always has brilliant ideas for the design. I bought  a card from her a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. You can see it here. She also incorporated our love of Mean Girls and probably over-quoted ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ phrase from the chats.

late night bloggers.jpgI can use it across Twitter and my blog when I finally promote the chat a bit, but also, anybody who is involved and loves being part of the group is welcome to use it on their blog too.

With regards to a meet up, I am thinking about this, and will have to make proper plans, but watch this space!

Thanks again to everyone who makes Wednesday nights way less boring and helps get me over the midweek hump!

If you haven’t joined in before, feel free to catch us every Wednesday 9-10pm (UK time). You don’t have to be a blogger as there are usually random topics. You can follow for updates on Twitter @latenightblogs or just follow the hashtag #latenightbloggers

Tina x
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