Positivity Overload

Something that is very apparent online, and probably due to lots of people spending time online, is that people want to be more positive. Motivation Monday…Transformation Tuesday…okay so I don’t know any others, but the point is, there are plenty of ways for people to add some positivity to their online space, or get some from other people. When you read a post on Monday morning telling you to go and grab life, it can be the push you need to get you out of bed and ready for work. When you see before and after pictures on Tuesdays, it can make you stick on your barely worn sports clothes and believe you’re going to kick ass.

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All of this positivity bursting from people’s Instagram feeds, out of their blogs, being tweeted about and shared online is a great motivator to give yourself a better life! However (of course I’m going to ruin it a bit for you), I do think there can be such a thing as too much positivity. Or maybe not positivity itself, but the pressure to be so bloody positive all the time.

Bad things happen, life can be hard, and sometimes you will not be motivated despite it being Monday, because Mondays often suck! There, I said it!

Of course, I wouldn’t encourage everyone to go on about all of the bad things all of the time. It’s good to remain positive despite what life is throwing at you, and I believe I do a really good job of it! But letting out some frustration can also be really healthy, and even positive in it’s own way.
When I don’t talk about things (read: rant and moan), they build up. I can pretend nothing is wrong, but eventually, it all gets to me and I feel a little crazy person is dying to burst out! Think Me, Myself and Irene.

I think spending a lot of time online can make you feel like you have to seem together, show your best side and inspire and encourage others. It may seem like the more you act positive, the better your life will be and to an extent that is the case. I’m all for ‘fake it until you make it’! However, sometimes it can seem really quite false and even exhausting.




I’m a very positive person. I am always described that way and will always try to make the best of a bad situation. I balance out the more negative people in my life, who if they had their way would live a life of doom and gloom, waiting for the next disaster to strike. Yet even I need an outlet. Some of which can be seen in this blog, but most of which is directed at my poor friends. I’ll pour my thoughts out in a giant text and usually feel better just for saying it and having someone understand.  If I don’t acknowledge things that are a bit shit, I don’t feel like I’m being honest with myself.

I’ve noticed lately that people are apologising for being negative. There are people saying they need to be more positive themselves, or being annoyed at seeing negativity online.

Everybody has negative experiences, bad days and times when they’re angry or fed up. This is normal. Sometimes they might not express it in the most tactful way, and sometimes they’ll just want somebody to hear them so they’ll post it online. While online is not always the best channel, people who spend so much time there might think of it as a safe space.
This is not to be punished by an army of positivity angels. It is to be expected from a human being with their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

There is already so much pressure to be the perfect person, with perfect hair, perfect body and perfect lifestyle. Don’t attack people’s less than perfect minds too.

To be fair, there are mostly understanding and lovely people out there who definitely step up when somebody shows they’re not feeling great about something. This isn’t something I’ve ignored.

I am not saying that people should air all of their negative (I’ve used that word too many times now!) thoughts or channel their inner negativity and let it all out. I just don’t want it to become a dirty word.
I am saying that some people feel pressure to always be sending out positive vibes like everything hangs on the balance of how they project themselves.
This post is saying that sometimes it’s okay to be a bit negative or feel a bit down. Everybody does. It’s what you do afterwards that counts.

Tina x
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