Dry Lips to Perfect Pout

I’ve always suffered with dry lips. It’s a total pain and I’ve carried lip balm around since I was young.

I have always used this the toothpaste trick to scrub my lips  and tried every lip balm going at all price points.

This is my solution. I can now successfully wear matte lipsticks and drink red wine when I’m out. Any red wine drinkers with dry lips will know the struggle!

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Step 1.

Exfoliate. I currently use Lush Sugar Scrub for this. Literally sugar you rub on you lips to take away all the dry bits. When on the go, I use Kiko Milano Lip Scrub as it’s a bit more portable.

Step 2.

Any lip balm. I currently use Body Shop Lip Butter, which is really creamy and smooth. I leave it for a few minutes to sink in. If I’m not wearing much make up and just want a tinted lip, I use one of my favourite products, Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter.


Step 3.

Now that my lips are smoother I move onto colour. I usually use a clear or matching lip liner. I fill in the lips with it a bit as well, just to create a base. Then I use whichever lipstick I like. Matte is usually a no-go for dry lips, but I can use it fine after doing this.


Step 4.

I usually pat a bit of translucent powder over my lips to stop colour printing everywhere and to finish the look and make it stay.

Step 5.


download (2).jpg


Do you suffer like I do? Have any tips of your own?

Tina x
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  • I totally hear you on the red wine thing! That’s why I only drink red wine at home! LOL. I’ll have to try this sugar scrub!!

    • Haha so glad someone does! People say about getting it while out and I used to think ‘Nooo!’ The scrub is amazing! My favourite thing ever! X

  • Emily

    Yes! I know the struggle! My lips are constantly dry and cracked… Not cute! I have the lush lip scrub but I don’t use it often enough!! Love the tip about using lip liner before a matte lipstick! Never thought of doing that before!
    Lovely post 🙂
    Emily xx

    • Thank you 🙂 I knew there had to be others out there! It’s so frustrating, but I barely think about it now, it’s just become habit and my lips are so much better 🙂 xx