Tina’s Tried & Tested Tuesday Tips #8

Lately, I’ve had these stupid little baby hairs, sticking up and making me look all electric shock chic! I’ve sprayed hairspray on them, but it doesn’t work unless I have a lot and then I have a horrible hard patch of hairspray. I’ve tried using bobby pins/clips, but they eventually escape and it looks odd at the front of my head.

It’s been driving me a bit mad. Anybody else suffer?


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  1. Grab a trusty toothbrush – they’re so handy for so many things! I used one in a previous tip too!
  2. Spray some hairspray directly onto it.
  3. Brush your little stray hairs.

An old toothbrush is the surprising secret to shiny frizz-free hair! B3.png


Let me know if it helps and if you like, you can check out my other tips here: Tuesday Tips

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