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I love the idea of being able to write while I’m out and about, but my laptop is a little hefty to carry around. Also, I don’t think I’d do full write ups while out, as I like to do that at home. I used to have a small 10″ laptop, but they’re not that great. I do often use the notes in my phone to get anything I need down, such as blog ideas, but it’s not enough really. I’ve been thinking about getting a MacBook, but I don’t quite need one so it seems a bit silly. See my dilemma here?

I carry my iPad while travelling as it means I can read, watch things and keep notes if needed. The one thing that annoys me about tablets is the typing. It’s too big to use like a phone, and effort to type!

So I decided I’d try out an iPad keyboard.

iPad keyboard Caseflex Bluetooth

After reading reviews, I went for the Caseflex keyboard from Yousave Accessories on Amazon for only £14.95. It’s really easy to slide the iPad onto and hook up via Bluetooth – literally a button and finding the device on your iPad.

Caseflex keyboard ipad amazon


I’m so impressed!

It’s really slimline, and just looks like a normal case when closed.

thin bluetooth keyboard ipad
The keys are spaced in such a way that it is still easy to type and feels quite natural. I’m impressed by the quality too, it certainly doesn’t feel as cheap as it was. I know it says it was almost £50, but I never believe those prices!

ipad keyboard tea is for tina

Now I’ll be able to just put it in my bag attached to my iPad, and use it whenever I need to quickly type something up, or while I’m travelling and don’t want to take up lots of space or hold a big laptop.

No, it doesn’t look quite as trendy as having a Mac, but it also didn’t cost me a grand!

P.S. To truly test it. I just wrote this whole post with it in a matter of minutes!

Have you ever tried a tablet keyboard? What did you think?

Tina x
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