The greatness that is Depop.

DEPOP. Described as: if Instagram and eBay had a baby. That’s enough for me! App Store! Download!

I’m pretty sure this came up in a Facebook ad once and I ignored it. How wrong I was!

My obsession with Instagram, shopping and purchasing goods online has now all been covered by one app. Um…yay?
It contains pretty, well thought out pictures of pre-owned clothing, accessories, homewares. And, you get to instantly buy them!

When I say pre-owned, most items I have come across are new or almost new from like-minded shopaholics who just don’t have enough days in the year to wear all of their clothes.

So far, I have purchased a few great items, such as an All Saints vest (which I wore to Leeds Fest and was perfect!), a lace crop top that I’m in love with, a hooded cape that’s perfect for Winter coziness, and a few other bits like phone cases that are now no use to me as I switched phones – doh! It’s also great for quirky jewellery and accessories.


I love it! And the best thing is, people are trying to get rid of things, so it’s all crazy cheap, the sellers are just like you, trying to make a bit of extra money while downsizing their wardrobes, so they are all really friendly, normal girls/women. There’s men on there too! My boyfriend got jealous of my cheap parcels and downloaded it himself. He’s had a couple of bargains from it too!
The main sellers I come across are female, teen to thirties, and every size! There are also celebs like Tess Holliday and Dita Von Teese selling their items!

After nabbing a few absolute bargains, I thought maybe I should go through my bags of forgotten clothes – they’re waiting to be donated to sisters or charity or something. Selling is a lot slower than my buying, as expected, but I don’t even mind when I end up with a top that’s £3!

By the way, cheeky insert, but my username is t453 and I have clothes for sizes 6-14, shoes size 5, and jewellery and extra bits I have no use for – mostly brand new as I’m a ridiculous person that mindlessly buys things. It’s like an illness.

You can like pictures just like on Instagram, and they will be saved in your list so you can check back later and make any decisions. You pay through PayPal, just like on ebay. The only downside is when an issue occurs. Many buyers, myself included as I figured that’s the way it goes on there, state that there are no refunds or returns, and some even say that once posted, the item is no longer their responsibility. This is a bit of a risk, but for a higher priced item, I would suggest asking them to track it, and paying the extra £1.

I of course would sort out actual issues. However, the reason no returns works, is because with used clothes, it is easy for the buyer to claim the item was not as described. It’s difficult to prove anything once it is in the buyers hands, so I agree with people using that, and realise that when buying, I am making a decision based solely on trust and pictures. You can ask for more details, close ups, etc. and any seller worth buying from will happily respond.

It is definitely worth checking out. It’s free to use, and you can just get rid of the app if it’s not for you. You pay 10% for each item you sell, but it’s a much better app and less overwhelming than using Ebay for clothes. It’s like Ebay but with all the junk cut out.
Many people skip fees altogether by using the ‘family and friends’ feature on PayPal, which just means sending directly to their account rather than through the app. This again is at your own risk, as the reason to use PayPal for purchases is so that you can claim a refund or deal with any issues regarding your purchase.

So, anyone else using Depop? Give me your usernames and feed my obsession!

Tina x
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