How To Create A Relaxing Bath

After a couple of conversations, I realised that not everybody treats a bath as an event in the way that I do! I set aside plenty of time, prepare for it, and relax. It’s almost an art form!

I see a bath as a time to treat yourself to little luxuries and pamper yourself for ultimate relaxation. Here’s how to make your bath special.

1. Clear everything from the sides of the bath, except the things you need right now. Clutter is not relaxing.

2. Get products specifically for baths. For example, bath bombs or a nice bubble bath.

This is my Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb – so pretty and smells amazing!


3. Grab your favourite relaxing drink. Mine’s a hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

Lush bath bomb hot chocolate

4. Keep the lighting low. Light some candles. Scented candles are even better! You could also use some aromatherapy oil with a burner.

yankee candle baylis harding bath time

5. Use a face mask so you get your face feeling as fresh and relaxed as the rest of you!

Strawberry face mask bath


6. If you don’t like sitting in silence, put on some music (don’t electrocute yourself please!) or even some television. I use my tablet at a safe distance to watch my favourite shows.

lush intergalactic bath bomb

Enjoy your bath!

Do you go all out at bath time? What do you do to make yours extra special?

Tina x
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  • Hey sweet, I’ve nominated you for the 7 day nature photo challenge, if you’re interested in getting involved 🙂

    • Ahh thank you! Just took a look at yours and it’s amazing! I’ll definitely give this a good go 🙂 xx

  • A bath…what’s a bath?!?!? Sad to say but my baths are normally counted on two hands throughout the year. I shower every single morning and dream of relaxing in a hot full tub of soapy bubbles but a boiler that needs to be set to warm the water and a water meter kind of stops me from having this little luxury😢 Glad you enjoy yours though 😃

    • I’m honestly the same! But when I have them they’re such an event! Those boilers are so annoying when it comes to wanting a bath. Luckily I don’t have that, so am going to try and take them more often 😊 I’m thinking a once a week treat 😀x

      • I’ve told the hubby when we eventually move I want a combi boiler and no water meter…total luxury then! X

        • Haha yes! That was one of our requirements too 🙂 X