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I was nominated by Em at Lifewirexo for the Liebster award, but as I’ve just posted one myself, I decided to use the questions in a tag post. I always love the questions people come up with! Thanks Em!

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1. Do you have a middle name?

It’s Marie! I don’t love it…

 2. Would you rather use a kindle or have a book?

I like the feel of a book, but with a kindle I can carry lots when travelling, etc – I’m torn!

3. Hot or cold weather?

Hot hot hot! No time for Winter!

4. Would you rather blog everyday or never use your blog again?

Everyday! I can’t imagine never doing it again.

5. What was your favourite holiday? (If you’ve never been on holiday, where would you like to go?)

I think Hungary was my favourite, as it’s a place I could imagine going back to again and again, so pretty and interesting and loads of great food and wine. I want to live there! I want to go there now! Also, I went with my cousin and it was really amazing to spend time with her.

6. Can you speak multiple languages?

Not at all. I’m apparently Welsh…I keep trying bits of languages, and have started learning French, so maybe one day.

7. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be and why?

I think I’d be a cat. Bit of an arsehole, but sweet, cuddly and loyal 🙂

8. What object is currently to the left of you?

A desk notepad covered in puffins!

9. Colouring pens or colouring pencils?

Pencils. I think you can do more with them. And you can sometimes erase mistakes.

10. Who knows you the best?

Hmm…apart from actually me, I’d say it would be my boyfriend, but sometimes even he doesn’t have a clue!

Thanks again for the questions! I love doing these. Just love talking about myself clearly! 😉

Tina x
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