When bloggers are not genuine.

This post is mostly just me rambling, so it’s not my most well-written piece. Something has been playing on my mind a bit lately, but I wasn’t sure if I should write a post on it. Most of my followers are fellow bloggers, so I wasn’t sure if this would be a bit inappropriate. But then I realised that by not writing, I wouldn’t be being honest. Aaand….that’s kind of what I do!

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now. Only in the last 6 months I’ve really got into it, writing more regularly, and embracing the likes of Twitter and Instagram. Before then, I wrote a fair bit, but I didn’t tell anybody. I didn’t join Twitter until September 2015, and did not have any sponsored posts. I wrote because I loved it, whether people saw or not.

With this in mind, I wrote this post about other bloggers and their reasons for starting a blog as well as things they do that bother me.


In it for the freebies.

I have come across new bloggers who have a whole PR page, but only a welcome post on their blog. On Twitter, there are some people that really bother me, because you can’t seem to find a company or post that they’re not latching onto, trying to grab a freebie.

Its not even so much the asking, it’s the absolute lack of tact. Its as if this blogger with their very few followers on all platforms thinks the company owes them something for the exposure.  It’s cringe-worthy and I think it gives genuine people who love to be part of this and love to write a bad name.

There are plenty of opinions from people that bloggers are only in it for the freebies and these people are the ones that make it seem that way.

Contacting companies.

Contacting companies constantly – mainly the ones we can actually see on Twitter – begging for a freebie or offering to do a review. Good on you, but you signed up to WordPress 4 days ago! Give them a blog to look at first.

It’s not just new bloggers I’m having a pop at. The people who have been doing it for a while can be guilty of overdoing this side of blogging. What annoys me when I’m reading a blog is when I can see that without the freebies, the blogger would have no content. There’s literally just review after review for products they begged for online.

I personally use blogs for reviews and opinions when I’m purchasing something and did before starting to blog myself, so I’m glad this medium is being recognised and that free items exist for these purposes, but when it’s all a person posts about, I find it hard to believe the views are honest and can’t help but think they’ll say anything to keep companies working with them.

Do not read other blogs.

Something else I have come across, which is really odd, is bloggers starting out who do not read other blogs! Why would you get involved in something you don’t even like? Some of my friends do not blog, but actively read them, watch vlogs and are really into it. They don’t blog at the moment as don’t feel ready to, or just don’t fancy it. I respect that they’re either taking their time or have made a decision that it’s not for them, yet still appreciate others who do.

Becoming popular.

I understand that people might start blogging in order to find like-minded people. I guess that’s what I was doing as I wanted people who understood where I was coming from, or liked similar things to me.
Saying that, I’m sure most other bloggers have witnessed the rise of a fellow writer. They suddenly become too popular to respond to you on Twitter, or even to their blog comments – rude! Its then that you realise they probably weren’t genuinely interested in connecting with others, but were using them to get a bit more popular.
I don’t mean people who actually have 20K followers, of course that would be difficult to keep track of (even though even they should try!). I’m talking about the people who’ve reached 200 followers and think they’re too great for this world!

Follow for Follow.

Just to be clear, I do not mean Follow Fridays on Twitter. People taking part in #ff share their favourite bloggers and are already following them themselves. I mean the people who actually announce they’ll follow you if you follow them. Oh yes please, I’d like one whole extra follower who isn’t interested in my blog. Give me great content, I will follow! And you don’t even have to follow me back.

Follow Unfollowers.

You know the ones! They follow you, they seem a bit like-minded so you follow them back. Then it turns out they unfollowed straight away. Or if you don’t follow them back, they unfollow you. Basically they’re playing the popularity game. It makes no sense to me, as I don’t think people look super cool having more followers than people they’re following, but somehow it makes them feel better about themselves.

P.S. You can see who unfollowed you by using Crowdfire.

Comment posts.

‘Like this and I’ll comment on your blog’ ‘I’m doing comments so send me links’
This is very different to ‘looking for new blogs to check out’. This person is actually using you and your blog to promote themselves. Tell me they don’t put a link on your blog!
It’s much better when people comment because they liked your post or have an opinion on it.

Advertising space.

Has anyone else come across somebody with only a few followers offering advertising space on their blog? It’s a nice idea to make a bit of extra money from your blog and if the other person gets some great exposure then win-win. But when you have only just started out, it isn’t great exposure and again makes it look like you think you can do this for money. You know what I do when I like another blogger? I share their posts on Twitter, I comment and follow them. All for free! If I ever get to an amount of followers where it would be worth advertising then maybe I would. But I think it’s a bit of a cheek when you’ve only just started out.


This was not supposed to be a bitch-fest, even though clearly all I’m doing is bitching. I just think there must be other bloggers who relate to the way I’m feeling about this. It puts me off. I don’t want to have to wonder if people are genuine or not, I don’t want followers or comments on my blog to just be an ad. Yes, please leave your links all over my comments as I’d probably like to check yours out too! But don’t go around doing it to big up your numbers.

This type of blogging seems really dishonest to me. It shouldn’t bother me really and is nothing to do with me, but I actually find it offensive and disheartening that people like that can flood such a lovely community of passionate people. I don’t want to be a part of it in that way. Free things, companies contacting and blog stats increasing is amazing, but I want it to be because my content was worthy of that. I realise not everybody thinks in the same way and this is a really negative look at it, but I seem to be coming across it more and more now.

I think my main worry  is that with this type of blogger being so active on that side, they might become a bigger part of blogging than the people who are there just to write and connect and review the occasional product. It would be a bit heartbreaking if it just became another business, rather than a community of honest and opinionated people.

What do you think? Have you come across this behaviour and does it affect how you feel about blogging and fellow bloggers?

Tina x
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