Crowd Colour Palette & Lipstick

A while ago, I came across a Kickstarter by Crowd Colour that looked interesting. I’ve never donated to one before, but when I saw the chance to back a personalised make up palette, it made me not only want more information, but wish that I could order the product already!

I’m a sucker for anything personalised, and obviously like make up. I’ve never bought a palette before that you can fill with your own products, and never really thought about how handy that could be. All of my favourite make-up in one palette – and I get to design it?

I thought if I wanted this, loads of other people would too, so I joined the Kickstarter, donated and chose a medium palette as my reward. I also got a matte lipstick, a later edition to the original products.

I decided to have my blog name on the products. I felt like celebrating it a bit, and maybe lacked inspiration!

The website is easy to use. You can choose your own design or one of the options available. You can add text on top or another picture. I chose a marble background and layered my blog logo on top. The lipstick just has printed writing, but it’s such a great idea.

I am really pleased with the palette. It is great quality, cardboard rather than plastic, but seems really durable. I’m not worried about it surviving my handbag! The design looked brilliant and I can’t wait to fill it!
The lipstick is one of the best matte lipsticks I’ve ever tried. I love the colour, it goes on well and stays put. I’m so happy with it! I can’t believe how good it is, as I just wanted it as an extra. I’ll definitely be getting more.

As soon as the palette arrived, I had my first go of depotting make up. It was surprisingly easy. However, I’m really disappointed that it wasn’t possible with some of my store-bought palettes. The main one I wanted to use was my Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette, but depotting it was impossible!

Do you have a customisable palette? Any tips for depotting the impossible ones? Or can tell me which make up is easily depotted?

Tina x
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