Tina’s Tried & Tested Tuesday Tips #6

Fancy some eggs, but worried they might be off? Have they just gone out of date, or been sitting around for a while?

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An easy way to tell if eggs are okay is to fill a pan or jug with water and see what they do.
If they float, they’re bad. If they sink, they’re fine to eat!


Left = Bad egg, Right = Good egg

If they’re touching the bottom but almost floating away, eat them today or throw them away. I’ve used this tip over and over, even on apparently out of date eggs. It’s absolutely fine, I’m still alive and the eggs were great!

Some people will eat them when they’re just about floating (as in middle glass in pic), but I’d rather stick to the obvious.

Let me know if it helps and if you like, you can check out my other tips here: Tuesday Tips

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