Sleep series: Sleep stories by other bloggers

After sharing my odd sleep habits and stories the other day, and following a Twitter chat about sleep with #latenightbloggers, I thought it would be fun to add some other people’s stories to the series. I was laughing out loud at some of the stories shared, so here’s a light-hearted look at the crazy things that happen in our sleep.

I asked in the Twitter chat what the funniest/weirdest thing was that people did in their sleep. The answers ranged from sleep walking and talking stories, to hitting out, to sleep-changing (changing clothes during sleep!).


My brother came into my room, walked over to my bin and peed in it while sleepwalking! – Anon

My sister walked up to me in the middle of the night, her eyelids flickering in deep sleep – it looked so creepy! Then she argued about how I was forcing her to go to France. -Me!

My mum woke up to me in my underwear, moving the vacuum over the carpet, not even on, cord still wound up, just going through the motions. – Sarah

My partner once told me I was shouting at him in my sleep for not cooking me beans, I don’t even like beans – Rachel 

I’ve only ever slept walked once and that was to my parents bedroom and I turned the tv off Shelby

I used to hum and sing in my sleep! My friends remember be humming Teenage Dirtbag once – Darcy

Sleepchange. I half wake up sure my PJs are inappropriate and change or just remove them! Do it at least weekly! – Tori

I once walked into my mams room and started rummaging through her sock drawers, was so weird –Tamzin

I was creeping to bed when my Dad said ‘turn the light off please’ I replied quietly that its not on. ‘Don’t start, just turn the light off!’ I just said ‘okay, it’s off now’.– Anon

I was sharing a bed with a girl mate and tried to get it on with her during my sleep. So sorry Charlotte Claire

I was once sleeping at a friend’s house and there were loads of us all crashed out in the lounge. We were all fast asleep when one of my friends suddenly sat bolt upright, shouted “WHERE’S THE CHEESE?” and laid down again. He was a sleep-talker. Holly

I sleep talk, a lot. My mum used to say she’d have jibberish conversations with me when I lived at home. My boyfriend loves it and find it hilarious, I apparently get really passionate about whatever I am waffling on about. A personal highlight is when I accused my lactose intolerant boyfriend of stealing my milk, I was apparently so angry at him to the point he woke me up to tell me there is milk in the fridge. I was extremely confused! From then I downloaded the SleepTalk app to see if I actually do talk in my sleep, turns out they weren’t joking. I have been known to try and sing anything from the Harry Potter Theme Tune to Jurassic Park. – Hannah

The creepiest sleep story award goes to My Little Angry LifeI have been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was in my early teens. For a long time I never bothered looking up what was going on so I never had a name for it, when I finally googled it after having it happen again one night at uni, I was not happy with the images that appeared. Demons?! Sat on me?! *switches all lights on*

I have experienced it less over the years as I can usually catch it happening before full paralysis sets in and I wake up, but sometimes I’m not quite quick enough, like last week for example. I had napped earlier that day which always makes it more likely to happen, but after my rough day at work I just couldn’t help it. So my body is relaxed and I feel my mind falling into sleep along with my body…then snap, my mind jolts awake leaving my body to slumber, I’m already in full panic mode as I know something scary is usually about to happen. Its majorly strange actually, to have my mind in full buzz panic mode but my body just not reacting at all. Seen as I can’t move my body I usually try to make a noise, like a weird moaning sound without moving my mouth (I have had to explain this noise to family…), this distracts me from what might happen whilst I try desperately to get a twitch out of my arm or leg and make it move. This time for some reason I was caught off guard and before I knew it something grabbed my hair and pulled me up off the bed (think Paranormal Activity), I felt myself rise out of bed and then I felt one long claw slowly move down the entire side of my face. (its making me shudder as I write this).I was making the noise then no doubt about that. I manged to move and turned the tv on (I find this stops it from happening again as opposed to just trying to go back to sleep – also because I’m scared).
I actually don’t understand why I hallucinate such scary stuff when my mind seems to be lucid? I’ve had something breathing on my face before aswell accompanied with an evil laughter better than any I’ve heard in a film, its a terrible shame actually as I do love to nap .

I’m so glad I read this this morning and not before bed!

The stories mentioned are by other bloggers, and it’s definitely worth checking out their blogs! Just click the links on the names.

Do you have any strange or funny sleep stories?