Shout Out to the #latenightbloggers

I’d like to give a MASSIVE shout out to the people who join me each Wednesday for the #latenightbloggers Twitter chat.

It really means a lot that people take time out of their busy day to come and chat about all sorts of nonsense with me! When people talk about the blogging community, these are the people they mean. The ones who want to have actual conversations with like-minded people on all subjects.

Aside from chatting with them, I actively stalk their blogs (honestly, some don’t even know I’m doing it!) and they’re definitely worth checking out.


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I originally started writing this post when there were just a few of us, and thought I’d feature some people, but honestly, I couldn’t choose just a few. I feel really lucky that the people who join in all have equally awesome blogs, but are all totally different. If I want beauty advice, I know exactly who to go to, or if I want recipes, there’s some amazing should-be chefs involved! Most of the blogs I follow are ones I can get lost in, jumping from post to post.

I think when you’re involved in such a personal chat, it’s easy to get to know people on a different level and you know from the conversations that you’ll enjoy their blog. Our chats don’t seem like most of the ones I come across. Even though others are amazing, helpful and fun, they’re mostly about blogging – which is awesome and makes total sense in a bloggers chat!
However, with #latenightbloggers, I thought I’d take a bit of a different direction and get a bit more personal. People who join keep coming back, so I’m hoping that means the way we do it is a good thing. I don’t mean personal as in telling all of our private stories, but we talk about our other passions too. Previous chats have been about childhood dreams, getting organised and my greatest love, food!
Tonight’s is about sleep, so you don’t have to be a blogger to join most of them. Of course, we’ve had a chat about blogging and the community, etc too.

I feel like I get to know people so well through these chats and it’s only been going for about 6 weeks. So to everyone who has been joining in, and especially to those that have been there from the beginning – stopping me from looking like I’m talking to myself…

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Rather than name every great person involved in the chats, and their blog, I created a list on Twitter:

Twitter is where I find most new blogs anyway, and it helps me to have a scroll through the blogs of people I’ve been talking to online.

Are there any Twitter chats that you really enjoy and would recommend?

Would you like to come and join ours? Just follow me on Twitter @teaisfortina – it’s every Wednesday at 9-10 pm (UK Time) and tonight we talk about SLEEP (or lack of it!).

If you can relate to the lack of sleep part, I have a post on my current situation HERE.

Tina x
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